January 11, 2016

21 Day Fix Turkey Chili Recipe!

Hey blog! Hey blog friends! We're back!
(But bare with me as I'm working on a blog remodel!)

'Gettin' Fritzy With It' has now turned into 'Gettin' Fritzy (& Fit) With It"! I'll still be posting about our family life, but it will also be focused on health and fitness as well as recipes and tips and tricks! After finding a meal plan and fitness program that allowed me to lose weight and become more healthy all from home, I fell in love and decided to become a fitness coach and I'd love to share that with you!

The program that I've been doing is the 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme, and I thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes from the program!

21 Day Fix Turkey Chili

1 lb. lean ground turkey
1/2 white onion, chopped
1 sweet bell (yellow) pepper, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped OR minced garlic like I used!
1 15 oz. can canned diced tomatoes
1 15 oz. can whole-kernel corn, drained
1 15 oz. can black beans, drained/rinsed
1 15 oz. can kidney beans, drained/rinsed
1 15 oz. can tomato sauce
1/2 cup water
2 tsp. chili powder
2 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. crushed red peppers

Optional toppings: Himalayan salt and ground black pepper (optional, but in my opinion required!) Plain Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream, green onions, low fat cheese (keep it minimal to keep it healthy!) and Saltine crackers.

Brown the turkey, onion, bell pepper, and garlic together in a skillet over medium heat; then drain. Then add the turkey mixture and all remaining ingredients to the slow cooker. Cook on low for 4 hours, and then enjoy!

For the 21 day fix container equivalents, if you have two cups of the chili mixture it will equal approximately; 1 red (turkey) 1 green (tomatoes, sauce, peppers, onion) and 1 yellow (corn and beans) 
If you add yogurt, add .5 red
If you add 8 saltine (wheat) crackers, 1 yellow
If you add cheese, 1 blue

The 21 day fix and the 21 day fix extreme are on SALE this month! You can get the program for only $10.00 with the purchase of Shakeology! If you'd like to learn more about the 21 day fix or any other programs available, (or the Fixate recipe book!) comment here or email me at bmfritz@yahoo.com! You can also find me on facebook; https://www.facebook.com/britt.fritz.7

August 19, 2014

A whole new world

It has to be documented.
The girls first day of all day Preschool and Kindergarten at Olmsted Elementary.
Also known as my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
There is a stigma that comes with kiddos starting Kindergarten and "letting your babies go" that is so so so hard, for mom's especially. Since the girls were born, I dreaded the day that I would have to "send them off to Kindergarten." But it just seemed so far way. Well, that day was yesterday. And let me tell you, it was actually harder than I thought it would be.
Let me back up a little bit and explain why...
Since the girls were born, I've been lucky and blessed enough to work part time. I worked three full days a week, which left me with a four day weekend, every week. (Friday - Monday) It really was perfect. I felt like the girls and I got the best of both worlds. We were able to stay home together two extra days each week, yet they were able to still maintain social/academic skills by being in daycare the other three days.
So, when I thought about Lidia starting Kindergarten this Fall, I knew something would have to change with my work schedule. The plan was for me to switch hours around at work. This would mean I would still work part time, but I would work every day, just shorter hours. That way I would be able to take Lidia to and from school, and we wouldn't have to pay for before and after care. But what to do with Ms. Carly? She would be in preschool, but what about before/after care for her since she would only go to preschool for 3 hours a day and I would be working about 6 hours a day? I knew Lidia's elementary school had a preschool program. Turns out, their preschool program is only an ALL DAY preschool program for four year olds. I wasn't so sure about this. Sending my oldest to Kindergarten and MY BABY to ALL DAY PRESCHOOL in the same year, on the same day?! No, just no. I couldn't imagine it. At all. But I knew that if it was even a slight possibility that we wanted her to do this program, that I'd have to register her immediately. Many full time working parents want their preschool kiddos enrolled in this program because it is decently priced and the price includes the preschool and before/after care. So, I registered her. Not knowing if she would get in, or if we would even send her. But better to be safe than sorry, right? And...she got in.
So, after talking to friends and family, trying to get someone to say, "Nah, don't send her to full day preschool. You will figure something else out. Something better!" I never got that answer. I always got, "Yes, that would be great for her! They would be in the same school! They will see each other too! It'd be easy for pick up/drop off for you!" Etc. Etc. Etc. So, I  knew we would send her, I just didn't want to. I wanted to still have one extra day with her. Keep her from "all day school" just one more year. Keep her a baby a little longer. I had Lidia's old preschool on the back burner too in case I chose last minute to send her there and figure out alternative before/after care.
But God has other plans. He put it on my heart to register Carly for all day preschool months ago for a reason. Because... I got a new job! I will still be working for the same company, just a different position within a different group. And I will be full time. For the first time in five years. So, Lidia starting Kindergarten and putting Carly in full day preschool was absolutely the right decision. There really was no other option. And the timing could not have been more perfect for all of us either. I don't start my new position until September 2nd, therefore I am able to take them to and from school a little bit for the first few weeks. It just could not have worked out any better. Any major life decisions that come up, always have perfect timing. God's timing. And I'm so grateful.
But that didn't make yesterday any easier. Yesterday, I sent both of my babies off to spread their wings and fly.... all day. And since I haven't started my new job yet, I still have Mondays off. So, I had all day yesterday to myself. Which probably wasn't the best idea. I should've made plans to keep myself busy after sending BOTH of my BABIES to school on the same day. But instead I cried. Walking down the hallway after dropping them off. All the way to the car. In the car. At home. In bed when I got home (yeah, I was pretty pathetic ha!) All morning. Then I picked myself up and enjoyed the rest of the (quiet) day, until I got to pick those babies back up from school! 20 minutes early, I might add :) I had several people check up on me, which I was grateful for. My mom said it best, "They are having a great time! They are safe. And by 6pm, you will be tired of them being tired and crabby from being exhausted from the first day." Aint that the truth? And they were. Tired and exhausted. And I did get a little frustrated ha! Such is life. Mr. Fritz was also so sweet. He brought home flowers for each of us for surviving the first day. He's the best. The girls thought it was the coolest thing ever and felt so special!
So somehow, I turned their first day of school post into an "all about my feelings post" and I don't want it to be all about me! It was just a huge day in ALL of our lives! So, about the girls... THEY DID GREAT! They didn't cry when I dropped them off, and their teachers said they did great. They had lots of stories to tell, and were so excited about school! Lidia already made a new (boy) friend, of course. She said his name was Tye and he was so cute and he held her hand. Her favorite part about the day was playing at recess and seeing her friends from preschool, and doing a shaving cream project. She says she can't wait to show me a special project she made for me either, but I have to wait for it. She told me that if you get in trouble, you have to put your head down on the table. She also said, "I will NEVER get in trouble! I will NEVER have to put my head down!" haha my little OCD, teachers pet, perfectionist. Love her. Carly, on the other hand, didn't give up as much info. She said her favorite part of the day was seeing Lidia in the lunchroom and giving her teacher a hug. She like playing and singing too. That's about all I got! But they were so excited to go to school again this morning for their second day... which I'm so glad about! I was worried they would be excited the first day, and then sad the second day. But nope!
Sooo...long story, LONG. Full time school. Full time work. This is our whole new world. I'm excited and scared for it all at the same time.

June 13, 2014

2014 Dance Recital

The girls' dance recital was at Hoyt Sherman Theater, once again, this year! Their tap routine was a Christian song, and their ballet routine was a part of the "Seussical" musical. They both did great, but I'd have to say my little Carly stole the show both times! She was in the center each time and performed her little heart out but of course Lidia did well too! I'm not sure if we will do dance again next year because the girls keep insisting they want to do cheerleading, so we will see! Either way, here are the few pictures I got from their recital!
 ...and here are their dance pictures! (Just the proofs as you can see)

May 27, 2014

Kindergarten here we come!

Olivet/Creekside Christian (4/5 year old) Preschool
Well, my (not-so-little) first born is officially graduated from preschool and headed to Kindergarten! They had their end of the year program/celebration on Wednesday, May 21st, and their official last day/picnic the following day on May 22nd. I can't say enough great things about her preschool! The teachers, the kids, the parents, the curriculum... everything about the school was amazing! And my girl grew SO MUCH physically, mentally, socially, and academically in the last year... it's surreal. I can not believe she will be in Kindergarten in a few short months!

The end of the year program was adorable. All of the families were seated in the auditorium before the kiddos walked in. Here is Lidia walking in with her two best friends, Austin and Peyton. Peyton is waving to me (hello, because I'm one of her favorites, obviously :) and Austin is doing the robot walking in behind Lidia. Ha! These two were characters the whole program and Lidia was right in between them being a perfectionist, of course. Peyton has the most adorable voice and when she gets into a song, you can hear her sing above everyone else. And Austin? He is the class clown and shows off throughout the entire performance! I've become friends with both of their parents throughout the year (I actually knew Peyton's dad since high school) and I'm SO GLAD because these three would miss each other so much if they weren't able to spend time together after preschool ends. They are obviously on the top of Lidia's birthday invite list!
 They started the program with about 10-15 songs. It was so cute and fun to see!
... and at one point Austin was leaning over singing (most likely serenading) Miss Lidia.
Looks like he's trying to give her a smooch, huh?!
Then their teacher talked a little bit, showed a slideshow from throughout the year, and handed out "graduation" certificates, memorabilia, and bibles as a present!
Unfortunately, I was the only one able to make it from our little family because Carly had just gotten her tonsils out, and Papa had to stay home with her. But I'm so glad I was able to get a picture with my big girl!
The next day, the kids had their end of the year picnic. It was a teachers/kiddos only picnic, but at the end the parents and kiddos all got together at the playground to spend some time together chatting, playing, and eating popsicles!
Lidia and her best friend/second sister, Brooklyn!
Austin and Lidia... I think the sun was a little bright ha!
And Papa came!
The four best girl friends at preschool! Lidia, Brooklyn, Peyton, and Lexi! (And Bryce, Brooklyn's brother too!)
Lidia and Peyton
... and finally, saying goodbye to Mrs. Keller!
It was such a great year and I'm so sad to see it end!
But we are all anxious, sad, happy, excited, scared, etc. for Kindergarten!

May 13, 2014

Easter 2014 & Aunt Chloe's Prom

Easter this year was special because Grams was in town from Memphis, TN! We got to spend most of our Easter weekend with her at my parents house and she was able to go to our Easter church service and watch the girls do their Easter egg hunt! We had a brunch on Sunday and then lasagna for dinner that night followed by a trip to the park. It was a great day spent with family and celebrating Jesus being alive!
 My younger sister, Chloe, is a sophomore in high school but was asked to go to prom this year with one of her friends. Surprise surprise :) Who wouldn't want this beautiful girl on their arm at prom?!
We spent the day with her helping her with hair, makeup, getting dressed, taking pictures, etc. I love doing this stuff with my baby sis, but I just can't believe she's old enough for this stuff!