September 09, 2009

Mommy goes back to work

Showing off how she rolls over!!!
She loves playing on her play mats!!!
Ava, London, and Lidia watching their first Hawkeye game!!
After an amazing summer and eight weeks at home, mommy had to go back to the real world on Tuesday. What a change it is being away from Lidia all day! I can't wait to get home each night just to see her and talk to her! I still have every Monday off and she gets to play with Grandma Debbie every Wednesday afternoon, but otherwise Alaina is watching her during the day. I think she will really like it there! She is very alert and Alaina has three kids of her own that will definitely entertain her! Lidia had her first cold last week and is still recovering from it this week. I can tell she is miserable at times but always keeps a smile on that beautiful face of hers! Our summer went by too fast! Lidia was able to go to two weddings, the Iowa State Fair, lots of play dates with her future husband London, watch her first Iowa Hawkeye game (GO HAWKS!!), ROLL OVER, and spend a lot of time with family and friends. She will be two months old on Friday! Where has the time gone???


Kati McDonald said...

what a beautiful mommy with such a beautiful little baby girl :) Love you guys so much.


Stevie said...

So fun! Can't wait to see all your updates on your new blog. She's beautiful!!

Kassy said...

She grew so fast!! I can't believe she rolled over already!!! She is a very lucky little girl to have a wonderful Mommy. Love you both tons!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2 months Lidy!
Hope you are loving life, spending time with your Beautiful mommy!
Have a Great Day and P.S. Britt I love this Blog keep the updates and pictures coming!
Love Ashley Schutte