September 21, 2009

Obsessed?? Wouldn't you be?!

Lidia is Aunt Chloe's biggest fan and good luck charm! This was Lidia's second soccer game and Chloe once again did great! Her team won 3-1 and Lidia had a great time in the beautiful weather at the game, showed off her rolling over skills to Uncle Mark, and hung out in her sling as we walked over to see some church friends play softball after Chloe's soccer game.

Mommy's second week back to work was a little easier than the first. It didn't help that I stayed home with a sick baby on Tuesday so it made for a short week. Lidia has been fighting a cold for several weeks and is now just getting better. I use the excuse that Lidia is sick to go see her each day on my lunch break at work (Grandma Debbie says I'm obsessed, but wouldn't you be?!) and Alaina and I decided one day at lunch to try out the Bumbo on Lidia. Adorable!!
She did really well in the Bumbo. She held her head up great and she will be sitting up in no time!
Lidia had her second month check-up today. She weighed 12lbs. 4 oz and was 23 1/4 inches long. I took her to the doctor a few weeks ago when she first got sick, and she weighed exactly one pound less. Obviously her cold didn't stop her from eating! She had her first round of shots today with three in the legs and one shot orally. She did really well!!! I think she did better than I did! She cried for a few minutes, went right to sleep, and hasn't seemed to be affected by them at all today. What a good baby!

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