October 07, 2009

The beginning of a great Fall!

We had a great weekend spending time with Aunt Allison, Uncle Mike, and cousin Alexa. They got into town on Friday night and we were able to go swimming at their hotel. There were two slides and since I had been dying to go down a waterslide since I was pregnant, I was pretty ecstatic that I was able to! Lidia enjoyed splashing in the water and being "nakey!" On Saturday, we watched the Hawkeyes win, of course, and Sunday we went to Nevada to watch Chloe play soccer. It was an amazing game and very intense but her team came out with a great win! It was a very cold day on the soccer field so I had to break out Lidia's winter clothes and she was not a big fan! I should have known because she loves being naked! We had a great weekend and we were sad to see our family go!
Monday night was not such a good night for us. We had to watch our Packers lose to "Brett who?!?" It was a sad day for our team but we still love our Packers!!

Lidia loved her Aunt Allison! I always love to watch Lidia making her family laugh and put smiles on their faces!!
Like I said, not a happy baby with all the winter gear on but I had to get a pic of her first winter outfit!!
So what's new in the world of Lidia?? Well as you can see in the picture above, she is already driving! Big girl! Lidia is probably the happiest 3 month old I have ever met! She spends 85% of her day just screaming in laughter and talking! The last few weeks have been really fun because she has been finding her voice and and all she does is talk, talk, talk! Lidia has also found her hands and beginning to find her feet! She tries to put everything in her mouth; her hands, momma's hair and clothes, her blankies, and as we speak she is grabbing my computer! She can now put her binky in and out of her mouth as well! She is still continuing to roll over and loves bathtime as you can see in the videos below!

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