October 21, 2009

Our trip to Minnesota

Lidia has everything in her mouth! And I mean EVERYTHING! As you can see, she's trying to get my whole face in her mouth! These are her kissys to mommy!

We love football season! Mommy and Lidia had a photo shoot in the bedroom while Monday Night Football was on but we still stayed in football mode with the football pillow!

Lidia had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa Ustrud's house! Ami, Lidia, and I left Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning. Lidia did great in the car! It was her first long car ride and it went really well! Friday night we had dinner with grandma and grandpa and caught up. Saturday we woke, went to Ikea for the yummy meatballs, and then went to Aunt Robyn's house to see her, Joey, and Amanda. We had a great time and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! It was good to see everyone! Our trip ended Sunday morning but not before I got some adorable pictures of Lidia with her great grandparents!

Aunt Robyn put Lidia in her animal's basket AKA their bed! Of course we had to get pictures!
The cousins! Ami, Lidia, Joey, Amanda and myself. It was really great to see them!

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