October 14, 2009

Tis the Season; Flu, Pink Eye, Blocked Tear Duct?

This has been another uneventful week and weekend. Alaina's kids were sick for several days so Lidia was able to spend time with family and friends during the week so I could still work. I'm glad Alaina's kids are all feeling better but now it's on to my family! Saturday night/early Sunday morning I finally got the flu bug that everyone around me was passing around. I had it for a few days and passed it to Chloe and then my mom but luckily Lidia hasn't gotten it! She woke up this morning with what I thought was pink eye though. I took her to the doctor and it turns out that she has a blocked tear duct. I was told by a little bird to use some lavendar oil and it should clear right up! There people go with their oil talk! (But we'll see if it helps the princess out!) We celebrated Lidia's three month birthday this weekend by painting her room at our new home! Grandma Debbie, Aunt Chloe, Matt, and myself all contributed to the job and we were able to get it done in just a few short hours while Lidia spent Saturday with her dad's family in Greenfield. They had fun watching the amazing Hawkeye game and relaxing around the house. She came home early the next morning to a sick mommy and unfortunately we weren't able to get her three month pictures done as planned, but they are scheduled for this evening! I can't wait! Lidia, Ami, and I also can't wait for Friday when we venture to Minnesota to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ustrud. It should be quite the adventure with two adults and a three month old in a car for four hours! Pray for us!

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