October 26, 2009

The week of firsts...

I always forget how big Lidia is getting. I still think of her as my newborn baby and I don't realize that she's probably ready for bigger and better things! So, I put her in an exersaucer for the first time and oh my! She absolutely loved it! It was just one more thing for her to chew on and slobber all over!
Another first for Miss Lidia would be the first infamous rice cereal tasting. Lidia definitely didn't jump for joy for the rice cereal like she did for the exersaucer. It was comedy for me though, and just one more way to remind me of how big she is!

The third first was her first holiday!! Now, I know Halloween is not until the end of the week, but we celebrated early by going to Night Eyes this weekend at the Blank Park Zoo. We were able to enjoy Night Eyes with Lindsey and her family and we had a blast!

Ava and London went as Cindy Lu Who and the Cat in the Hat. Lidia went as a pink poodle and was the cutest little dog I've ever seen!

Ava loves her baby "Lithia." She probably had the most fun out of all of us being able to get candy, play on a tractor, and see all the animals.

I know this is technically Lidia's blog but look at the face on Ava! I had put it on here! I love her!

Lidia spent all of Saturday in her Hawkeye outfit and maybe that was the Hawks good luck charm! 8-0 record! What an amazing game that was!!

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