November 30, 2009

And the winner of the ugliest pajamas goes to.....

LIDIA!!! I'm pretty sure these pj's were found on one of my old baby dolls at my parents house. On the subject of pajamas, since pj's has to do with sleeping (usually) I thought I would let everyone know that Lidia has decided this weekend that she doesn't like naps anymore. Don't get me wrong, she's still tired and tries to fall asleep but once her head hits that mattress her eyes pop open, she looks up at me and starts squealing! Its hard to get mad at the most nosey baby in the world that just doesn't want to miss a thing!

Thanksgiving weekend was a success! It was full of food, family, and fun! Grams taught Lidia "So big!" and now her hands are always up in the air as you can see in the picture below. She also found her feet for the first time so if her hands aren't up in the air for "so big" or in her mouth, they are usually grabbing her feet. Sorry Lidia, I think you got a combination of your momma and daddy's feet... and that's not a good thing!

The 'big people' weren't the only ones that got to enjoy Thanksgiving food. Lidia also got her first taste of solid foods this weekend. I thought it was the appropriate time to try some green beans and pears baby food on Thanksgiving and she hated it! I had to switch back to the rice cereal and sneak a little in the cereal so she could get used to the taste. Don't think Grandpa let Lidia get away without trying some 'big people' food though. Lidia had tastes of pumpkin pie, gravy, potatoes, and more! Spoiled? Yes!

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Anonymous said...

Love it Britt!
She is getting so big!
I need to stop by and see her like soon!
Love you both and Matty too!

<3 Ashley Schutte