November 24, 2009


... figured out what's been wrong with my baby! After 4 months of taking Lidia to one pediatrician and that doctor continually saying nothing was wrong, I decided to get a second opinion and I'm definitely glad I did!! I stayed home with Lidia on Friday because she had been very grumpy and I knew she was sick so I took her to a different doctor on Friday. This is the doctor that Alaina (Lidia's babysitter) takes all her kids to. Turns out, the reason for Lidia's frequent colds, congestion, and raspy sounds in her throat is because she has reflux. This is not a huge deal, it just has to do with the way she digests her food, the way she is fed, and how much she is eating. So the doctor told me to put her on a different formula, make sure she is always propped; whether eating or just playing, and make sure her crib is propped to help the reflux dissapear. I also found out that she has an ear infection so she was put on Amoxicillin for that and she is DEFINITELY teething as well. The doctor I took her to 4 days earlier said that she was not teething and that she did not have an ear infection. So my suggestion to all you mommies out there, only you know your baby and it's always good to get a second opinion to help your little peanut feel better!!

Weekend update: On Friday I stayed home from work, like I said earlier, to take Lidia to the doctor. It was pay day (yay!!) so Lidia and I decided to venture to the mall after the appointment to get mommy some new pants for work. WELL as most of you can guess, I ended up with no pants for me and more stuff for Lidia! That night G'ma Schneiter stopped by for a bit to bring Lidia some new toys and to say hi but other than that it was an early movie night for both us. Saturday was an AMAZING mommy day. Lidia spent the day with her father in Winterset with family and friends and mommy and G'ma went and got hot stone massages courtesy of Matt! They were amazing and I spent the afternoon on the couch with the best nap of my life since Lidia was born! On Sunday and Monday, Lidia and I spent most of the day around the house just being lazy and trying to get her to feel better. Grams came in from Tennesee so we spent both Sunday and Monday evening over at my parents house and had a great time!

An update to all of you that knew I was starting a new sleep schedule with Lidia... she's doing pretty well!! It's hard because her teeth are bothering her and she's not feeling well with the ear infection but for the most part she's doing great. I got her into a regular bedtime pattern of feeding her rice cereal between 6 and 7pm. Then I give her a bath between 8 and 8:30pm, feed her a bottle, then I put her to bed awake by 9pm and let her fall asleep on her own instead of in my arms. I turn on a CD player that hangs on her crib with a little light on it and she is usually asleep within 10-20 minutes. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she laughs and talks herself to sleep! Her newest trick however (she's so smart!) is to roll over on her back so I have to come in and roll her back over. I'm pretty sure she just wants to hear me say, "I love you precious" one more time! Other than that, she's usually sleeping from 9pm - 3am, takes a bottle, then falls right back to sleep until about 6:00 or 6:30am. Lidia getting more sleep = a happier baby and a happier momma!

One last thing, Lidia and I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Thursday will be here in a few days and we wish safe travels to everyone that is headed out of town for the holiday. We will be staying in town enjoying the holiday with Grams who is in town from Tennesee. So... don't eat too much and make sure to relax with your friends and family and enjoy the time together! We love you all!

(Happy Birthday Aunt Jo! We can't wait to see you and your family tonight!)

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