November 11, 2009

Happy 4 months Lidia!

4 months ago, at this exact time, I was sitting in my hospital bed watching my friends and family play Uno. I know you're thinking you let what happen in your delivery room?? But six hours later a miracle happened...Lidia was born!! There were many things that people told me before she was born that I thought I understood, but really I had no clue how true they were. For example people said; Get as much sleep as you can because you won't sleep for the next 18 years! (sooo true) I also heard that there is nothing better than motherhood and your life changes completely but for the better! All of these things I couldn't completely understand until I actually started to go through them but there is one comment that people continuously said that I felt at the exact moment she was born. That was unconditional love. I never thought I could love anyone or want to take care of anyone as much as I do with Lidia. Loving Lidia made me love and appreciate the important people in my life more also. I want to thank Lidia today on her 4 month birthday for making me the best person I can be, for making me laugh and smile everyday, for looking for me when I leave the room, for making my family complete, for being independent yet sweet and cuddly, for never ever being off my mind, thank you for being you. I love you so much and every day gets better and better!!!

Great quote:
"Isn't it crazy how you can sit at work all day and miss your children like crazy? Isn't it crazy how you can't wait to get off work just to see them, but an hour after you get home you can't wait until it's their bedtime? Isn't it crazy how when you wake up in the morning and if your children are still in bed you want to wake them up just to kiss them? Isn't it crazy that when they wake you up instead you wish they were back in bed? Isn't it crazy how much you would give up just to make their life better? Isn't it crazy how much you love them??

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