November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

As you can probably tell by the above picture, Lidia is teething. She has drool and slobber coming out of her mouth at all times! She is starting to get a tooth in on her top gums which is unusual, but like I've always said, this baby is one of a kind!
Lidia is a great help when it comes to helping mommy update her blog. She wants the whole world to know her story so here she is on the computer being a big girl!!!

The pink poodle comes out again! We really enjoyed Halloween this year. Lidia was able to dress up as a pink poodle and a fairy. Although the weather was a little chilly and rainy to be out very long for trick or treating, we were still able to show her off a bit around the neighborhood on Friday night. Saturday, Lidia went to Greenfield to spend time with her dad and his family for the holiday. They went to a Halloween party for the kids. We were convinced that she would win 1st place for her Halloween costume but unfortunately that didn't happen. Lidia you are still first place in out hearts baby! They had a great time spending time with friends and family in Greenfield and mommy was able to enjoy some time that evening with her friends as well. Lidia came home Sunday morning to a mommy that missed her terribly! We watched the Packers lose to the Vikings AGAIN, ate some pizza, hung out with Lacie and Ramsey and called it a night! Now it's mommy/baby monday and we are going to do nothing but laugh and cuddle all day!

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