November 18, 2009

Just missing my peanut...

~Happy Wednesday!!~
Just sitting here on my break at work and missing my little girl so I thought I'd share some pictures of her that I have on my phone. Some of these are old and some are new but I hope you will enjoy all of them!!! Love, Britt

The above picture was taken of Lidia at 19 weeks. This is the day we found out we were having a little baby girl! We were waiting in the doctor's office after the ultrasound and that is when we decided on the name Lidia. I give all recognition to her dad for picking out the name. He did a great job! The below picture was taken on July 8, 2009. This was just three days before the princess was born.

This was G'ma and G'pa Schneiter's idea of fun. While mommy was turned around, G'pa put his ugly cyclone hat on Lidia. She even looks cute in Red and Gold but she told me she prefers the black and gold!

Wrestle-mania night with Aunt Chloe! Aunt Chloe can get Lidia to laugh and smile any time she looks at her! I like to tell Chloe it's because her face is so funny! I'm joking of course but I really think that Lidia loves how much Chloe loves her. This all started back when she was still in my belly. Aunt Chloe was the first one to feel Lidia kick besides me! Afterwards, I would try and have my other family members feel it but she wouldn't do it for anyone besides Chloe until later of course when she had no more room!

HAHAHA! This is my all-time favorite picture of Lidia! She is doing nothing other than going to her first business meeting! What else would a 3 month old do during the day??

Here is Lidia hanging out with the girls on our usual Wednesday night's at Paglia's pizza. Lacie and Steph always tell me how obsessed they are with her. Can you blame them?!? The picture below is of Lidia and her cousin Zoey. Zoey is in 2nd grade and loves to hold and play with Lidia any chance she can get. I can tell they will be very close growing up!

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