December 11, 2009

5 months old... WOW!

Lidia was born at 6:46pm 5 months ago today. At 6:46 tonight, Lidia and I will be in Omaha, Nebraska boarding a plane! We are going to see my dad in Rapid City, South Dakota and we are very excited! Please pray for Lidia and I. We are traveling by ourselves to Omaha and then flying to Rapid City alone, with a stop in Minneapolis. It should be an interesting evening!

I really feel like Lidia is becoming a little, big person. I was watching her today in her exercauser while I was getting ready for work and I just found myself staring in amazement at her. This little baby in the exercauser that is reaching for everything in sight, moving from one toy to the next, talking and entertaining herself, and just being plain happy is the same baby that was fully dependent on me just months ago. When you look at it that way, it's very crazy to think about. She has progressed so much and I am truly so proud of her every single day!

Here's some 5 month facts about the princess:

Weight: Her last Dr.'s appointment a few weeks ago, she was 16 lbs.

Height: between 25 and 26"

Diaper Size: 2. I'm going to switch to size 3 when the size 2 are out which should be this weekend. (Side note: This will be the first time I will have to buy diapers since she was born! A big thanks to everyone that contributed to that! Oh and I still have a HUGE box of size 1 diapers at home that were never used. We've been so blessed!)

Clothing Size: 6 months

Sleeping: She has two naps per day and they usually last between 1 to 2 hours. I started putting her to bed earlier at night. She is now getting her bath around 7pm, eating, and then going to bed around 7:30. She usually gets up twice in the middle of the night. She will sometimes get up only once but very rarely. I'm trying my hardest to get her to sleep through the night but nothing seems to work!

Eating: 5-6 oz every 2-3 hours. She eats her rice cereal once a day, right before her bath at night.

Favorite Toys: Exercauser and her flower that G'ma Schneiter got her

Favorite Thing To Do: Entertain her friends and family and still pull momma's hair!

Latest Milestones: SITTING UP! Well... she can sit up on her own for about 5-10 seconds before falling over. My goal is to have her sitting up completely by Christmas... we'll see! She is also rolling over both ways consistently now!

Babbling: She never stops!

Looking Forward to: Her first Christmas, crawling, solid foods, and consistent sitting up.

Newest Toy/Item: Am I bad? I haven't bought her anything recently! Christmas is coming soon so she'll get plenty then!

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