December 29, 2009

Ear Infections! And presents! And Christmas! OH MY!

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Birthday Jesus! I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and was able to enjoy plenty of time with family and friends and eat lots of food! Isn't that what it's all about?? Our holiday weekend started off on the wrong start by finding out that Lidia had another double ear infection on Tuesday. This time she ran a 101 - 102 temperature for several days until Christmas. After her fever broke, the antibiotics decided to give Lidia horrible gas and diarrhea! (Too much information? Maybe... but you have to get all the facts to know what we are going through so you can feel sorry for both of us! hahaha) Needless to say, since last Tuesday, noone in our household has gotten much sleep, if any. She is just miserable! So G'ma Schneiter and I took Lidia back to the doctor yesterday. (I needed a little push to take her back and some moral support.) So the doctor determined that she still had the double ear infection and that the antibiotics must not be working so we all agreed to give her a shot of antibiotics to get her to feel better faster and also to put her on oral antibiotics as well. She slept much better last night so I'm optimistic that this time she will get better! I wish it was me that was sick because I hate seeing and hearing her miserable!
The above picture shows how Lidia has been most of the time this past week and the below picture is how she will be seconds later... She's wants to be happy at least!!

Besides the sickness, Christmas went well! We went to church Christmas Eve and then stayed at G'ma and G'pa Schneiters house that evening since it is tradition. We ate Chili, played games, and basically just layed around waiting for Christmas morning! I think Lidia was pretty excited for Christmas morning to get here also because she would not fall asleep! Or maybe it was because her fever broke and she started feeling better for the time being... either way that little girl was up until past 10pm! Christmas morning we woke up bright and early and opened stockings and presents and had a great time! Lidia fell asleep half-way through and was still not feeling well so we took turns opening her gifts. Her favorite gift was... well... anything that she can chew on! Momma's favorite gift was her coach purse! Yes, my first coach purse and I love it! Another great gift/story was that my mom got Ami and I charm bracelets for Christmas and I actually got my mom the same thing! I love mine and will wear it everyday because it reminds me of my awesome family and my awesome baby girl! The remaining pictures are obviously not the best of Lidia. I'm sure you can tell that she's been miserable since I haven't been able to get any pictures of her smiling in the past week. She really hasn't been smiling or even herself lately and I hope my next post will say that she is back to being healthy, happy, and normal... Lidia deserves it!

P.S. Did you notice that every picture is of her in a bib? Yes... she can't be without one or else her outfit is soaked in .02 seconds! Needless to say, she got a lot of bibs for Christmas!!

Also... When we went to the doctor yesterday, her doctor said that Lidia looks the same size as her 9 months olds, weighing in at a whooping 17 lbs. 10 oz!!! She said she looks very healthy and skinny but just very tall! I wonder where she gets that from??? Her father... And the doctor said that she is very advanced by being able to sit up so well at her age! I'm so proud of you Lidi!!

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