December 07, 2009

Santa Clause is comin' to town!

Lidia got her toes painted for the first time. What you CAN'T see is that only half of her right toenails got painted and there is a large spot of polish on her right leg. Do you even have to ask why????
On Saturday, Santa Clause came to visit G'ma and G'pa Schneiter's house! He has been coming to the house since Chloe was little and we thought we'd keep the tradition going with Lidia! Alaina, Lindsey, and Lacie all came over with their children to see Santa and eat potato soup, cheese and crackers, and Chloe and I's famous pickle wraps! We had a blast!

We have several Christmas traditions throughout the holiday season. The first one begins with everyone coming together at my parent's house to put ornaments on the Christmas tree. All of us have our own ornaments to put up and we get new ones each year. We will keep this tradition up with Lidia too! She was able to put the angel on the top of the tree with G'ma this year! (This is a very special honor. Her grandma doesn't love her, does she???)

Yes, she's already getting into the Christmas tree. She loves to lay right beside it and play with the stuffed animal ornaments that hang on the bottom.
Grandpa Ro reading "The night before Christmas" to Lidia for the first time!

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