December 22, 2009

Sorry for my lack of pictures lately...

But for some reason the internet is not working right at our house so I haven't been able to upload pictures from my camera to my computer. Pictures from my phone will have to do for now but I promise I will get some pictures up from our awesome trip to South Dakota as soon as I can! If you can't tell what these pictures are, they are pictures of Lidia on a huge stuffed animal horse that Matt's mom got. My favorite is the very first one! It looks like she's actually riding a horse with her arm in the air! (And no, this wasn't staged! She's just a smart baby!)

Friday afternoon and evening we went Christmas shopping with G'ma Debbie, Aunt Ami, and Aunt Chloe. I got most of my presents bought that evening and that was a huge load lifted off my shoulders! I love Christmas time and buying presents for my family that I love OH SO MUCH! Saturday, we woke up and I drove Lidia to her dad's house to spend the day with him and his family. She got to enjoy her cousin, Aidan's, fourth birthday party and went to see Santa at the mall. Sunday we went to G'ma Debbie's house to make Christmas cookies, nap, and wrap Christmas presents. While wrapping presents, we witnessed my daughter starting to scoot her way across the floor. She was after one of her own presents. (Yes, G'ma let her see one of her presents early...) Anyway, Lidia gets on her belly, gets her knees up under her tummy and pushes her way towards whatever she wants. It won't be long until I have a mobile baby! Later that night, we went to church to see Aunt Ami and the church choir perform a Christmas concert. Once again, Lidia was the highlight of the evening by squealing with laughter at the quietest part of the concert, causing her Aunt who was on stage and the rest of the audience to burst into laughter. Yep, that's my daugher! Gotta love her!

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