January 26, 2010

Best Friends

One of Lidia's new best friends is her teeth. Can you see it?? One is completely through and the other one right next to it will be popping through anyday now. Her teeth don't seem to be bothering her much. She likes to feel them with her tongue and lick her lips a lot and make wierd noises so I think she's getting used to them!
Another best friend is her mommy! Well this is nothing new but she seems to be enjoying life a little more these days since she's feeling better. This means that mommy enjoys her baby more and we can't get enough of each other! Oh, how I've missed my happy, smiley, independent baby! But wait... Did I just jinx myself??? Dang it.
She has always loved bath time (except when her ears hurt) but this weekend she got to share one of her favorite times of the day with her best friend Bella! They had fun playing with toys and splashing water and getting clean!

Jack and Lidia are best friends too. What is that you see? Lidia sharing her pears with Jack?? Yes, it is so. Jack always tries to give Lidia kisses so when I decided I couldn't take my eyes off the Vikings/Saints game, (Go Saints!) I decided to feed Lidia her dinner on the floor for the first time. Bad mommy. Well we were over at G'ma and G'pa's house watching the games and she gets whatever she wants at their house anyway, so I thought it was acceptable! Well this is what happens when I try something new!
And this is just a random picture of me wrapping Lidi's head in a blanket because we were bored! She's so sweet to let me do this to her, isn't she?!

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