January 12, 2010

The day she came into our world!

Not even an hour old... 7/11/09
Not even one week old!
... and now she is 6 months old!!!
On her half birthday, I figured this is the perfect time to share Lidia's birth story...

Friday night, July 10th, I went to my friend Katie's bachelorette party. She was getting married in August and I was a bridesmaid, so I wanted to make an appearance. Once everyone decided to hit the town for the night, I decided to take my 9 month pregnant booty home to rest. I got home around 8pm and laid on the couch watching tv with Ro. I was having some contractions, (I had braxton hicks contractions since week 30 so this was nothing new for me) but something was a little off. Ro kept looking at me and we exchanged glances like, "Are you ok? Is this it?" But I went downstairs to read to keep my mind off them.

The contractions grew closer and stronger, but I had thought I was in labor a few nights earlier so I figured this was the same thing. Around 11pm, I actually fell asleep. Two hours later at exactly 1:10am, I woke up to contractions 10 minutes apart. I started timing them in bed; 1:20am, 1:30am, etc. etc. So I got up, walked around, and made sure everything in my bag was packed. I finally walked upstairs at around 4am to wake up my mom. I shook her arm (crying) and said, "Mom, will you lay with me?" She JUMPED out of bed, grabbed her phone to time the contractions, and by this time they were about 4-5 min apart. I called Lidia's dad to come over and the three of us headed to the hospital around 6am.

When I got to the hospital, they checked my cervix and I was still only dialted to one. So the three of us walked the hallways for awhile. The walking helped because the next time she checked me I was dilated to 3cm. At that time, the doctor came into the triage room,broke my water, and decided to give me my own room. We got into my hospital room around 10:30 or 11am and that's when we started making the calls that I was in labor.

I got the epidural almost immediately when I got into my hospital room and that made everything smoother. I also had to get some pitocin to speed up my labor. Friends and family started showing up, playing Uno, and making the time pass. At one point, I started to feel the contractions again and had to get another round of the epidural and that one made my legs and behind go completely numb. I was dilating about 1 cm an hour and at the time my legs went numb, I dilated from a 6 to 9cm in one hour. The nurse said, "We're going to have a baby in the next hour!!!" And I started bawling! Everyone was kicked out of the room except my mom, Colt, his mom, and the nurse and they started to calm me down. I was thinking to myself, "I'm going to be a mom in an hour! Keep her in there!" But by the time I was dilated to 10cm, the numbness was wearing off, and I was ready to start pushing, I calmed down enough for my "labor buddies" to come back in and watch/help a miracle happen.

I started pushing and felt EVERYTHING. I seriously did not think I was going to be able to do it! I was shaking uncontrollably, breathing very fast and heavy, and had to have an oxygen mask on because Lidia's heartrate was going down. I pushed for about an hour, I believe, and at 6:46pm on July 11, 2009 (5 days before my due date on July 16th) Lidia came into the world! (tears... kleenex please!) We did not have to use the vaccumm or forceps, she came out on her own! I had mild tearing and had to have 2-3 stitches but other than that, it was a great labor... considering my little episodes throughout it, but she's here isn't she?!

I owe a big thanks to everyone that made that day and weekend so special for all of us! I want to thank my mom, Ami, Lindsey, Lacie, Alaina, Deb, and Colt for dealing with my, "SHUT UP!" and "I CAN'T DO THIS!!" and my "Someone get my camera and take a picture! (contractions is over) No, not of that! Of the baby when she is born!" while I was in labor and helping every step of the way! I want to thank everyone that came to visit us in the hospital. Especially my dad and my grandparents for driving so far to spend just a few hours with us! It meant the world to us. And I want to thank Lidia for being so amazing. Happy 6 month birthday Lidia! Momma loves you!


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