January 19, 2010

It's official! We have a toooooth! Ugh...

Definition of teething: The eruption and cutting of teeth.

MY definition of teething: The eruption of a monster baby!!!
The cutting sounds of horrible pain in the middle of the night!!! Am I overexaggerating?? Nooo...
Don't let that cute face fool you! She's definitely not taking to the teething well. Our (yes, mine and her) "sleep schedule" is no longer. She wakes up every 2-3 hours and the crying is so sad! Her cries are cries of pain and I feel so bad for her! But it will be worth it once she has that pretty little smile full of pretty little pearly whites!
On a better note, we have an active baby! She is trying sooo hard to crawl. She will scoot around in a full circle to get whatever toy she wants. She also gets on her hands and knees and pushes her way towards something. It will be very soon and I can't wait! I think she will be a much happier and content baby when she can be mobile.

What is that you see? Baby tylenol in her hand? Don't judge! She loves the feel of the cap on her teeth and it keeps her occupied for... oh... 2 minutes. Then on to the next activity to keep her happy! Don't get me wrong, we usually have a very happy, healthy baby but she is going through a stage where it is hard to keep her content for long. This probably has to do with the teeth but I was also googling (yeah I'm THAT girl) if this is what all 6 months old go through, and it seems like she may be going through some sort of seperation anxiety. I love the fact that my little princess love Love LOVES her momma but it gets to be a little much when she cries every time I leave the room! I know I will look back on this time when she is sixteen, actually more like eleven,and wish she felt the same way so I will definitley enjoy it while it lasts! I'm not just saying this to boost my own ego, really I'm not! She does this with her babysitter and other family members. Maybe it should be called ATTENTION ANXIETY. A baby not getting enough attention???? Lidia??? Yeah right...

Baby mohawk! Yeah... She still has barely any hair!
Taking a break from scooting... It wears a baby out!

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