January 08, 2010

What is Lidia thinking?

"Brrrrr! But at least I'm cuddling with my best friend, (besides my momma) Aunt Chloe!"
"Stop taking nakey pictures of my chunky booty! But I sure love bathtime!"
"Does Auntie Lindsey really have to take these pictures of me to send to my momma at work?? She just saw me an hour ago! She can't miss me already! Silly momma!""What am I wearing? A blanket for pj's? I can't move in this and it's not fashionable! GET IT OFF ME!!!!"
"I love Ohana's too momma! I'll have the steak and chicken please! Ginger sauce on the side, of course!"
"Fine! Cheater chopsticks will do... Selfish..."
"I'm a big girl now! I can entertain myself while mommy eats! For about 5 min..."

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