February 11, 2010

7 months old

Dear Lidia,
You are seven months old today! Wow. You have turned my world upside down and I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm a nervous wreck all the time, always thinking: "How's she doing? Is she ok? What if something happens to her? Is she breathing?" My world is all about you! People comment all the time on how they miss you when they haven't seen you in a few days because you just have that great personality that people want to be around. Imagine how I feel when I'm not around you! It's crazy. When you go and see your dad or when I'm at work, I make sure I keep busy otherwise I go crazy because something is missing... you! You also have the perfect combination of your daddy and my looks. You are just beautiful! I even love your funky toes! At seven months, you are sitting, eating baby food, eating puffs, trying to eat everyone else's food, tearing apart everything, trying to get anything in your mouth, babbling, entertaining people, trying to blow bubbles, you love my keys, getting pretty good at Pattycake, and definitely starting to crawl. You will not sit still! (Hence the pictures below, I can't get a good one of you to save my life! You are always on the move and won't look at the camera!) You are a HUGE momma's girl. I've never seen someone so attached to their momma. You cry almost everytime I walk out of a room, FREAK OUT in an awesome way when I walk in a room from being away from you (hands in the air, arms shaking, babbling Oooo Oooo Oooo!) and will cry until you get what you want... me. People say we are obsessed with each other... hmmm... true but I will take it! One day when you are, say 11, and "I don't know anything" I will look back and smile on the days when I was your savior! Haha! (And I'll make you read this post:) Your favorite people in the world are your daddy, G'ma Schneiter, and Auntie Bubs. Your face lights up when your daddy walks in the room, your G'ma is the one person that can keep you from crying when I leave a room, and Auntie Bubs has the magic touch to put you down for a Sunday afternoon nap! You love your whole family though... heck you love everyone! And we love you back! But my precious baby girl, you can't be consistent with your sleep to save your life and mine! You go to bed around the same time each night, you have a consistent routine, and I have tried every trick in the book to get you to sleep through the night! Nothing works... One night you will sleep from 8pm-5am, then up for the day at 7am (which would be heaven on earth if this was done everynight), then the next night you are up every 2 hours. If you could tell me why this is, that would be great! Thanks. I do love you though with all my heart but I'm not going to get all mushy gushy because you get that everyday! I love you and you are my everything!

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