February 25, 2010


WOW! You guys are... special! So I was going to delete the Q&A post, BUT since you guys were so amazing with your questions, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you so here goes...

Was this baby planned? HECK NO! (Sorry Roger, I love you, but no.) But God has a plan for everything and I will love this baby will all my heart!
Any names picked out? Another HECK NO! Seriously, why is the name choosing the most difficult part for me? We can't agree on anything! So this is TBD... stay tuned! :)
How many kids do you want? Almost positive we are done but this is another TBD. Give me 5 years and see where we stand.
Whats your dream house?
JK JK JK! It's actually a little more like this.... I am IN LOVE with older houses, especially the ones with wrap around porches where I can watch my little ones play in the front yard and sip on some Iced Tea and talk about the weather with my honey. HAHA who am I kidding??? You'll never catch me talking about the weather! Give me a little US Weekly and I'm good!
Favorite family tradition? I love our family Christmas. We go to Christmas Eve Service, then back to my parents to stay the night (all us girls in the same room of course), open our annual ornaments that night, then wake up about 6am for stockings and presents, make a huge breakfast, play games all day, and eat Subway sandwiches. It's the best!
Fav beverage? Iced Tea

I would like to know why there aren't any videos on the blog like you use to have? There are no videos because I lost the charger to my camera. Scratch that. It's probably somewhere in the mess that we call the "pantry" since that's our "storage area" these days. So the pictures you've seen lately are from my phone... sad but true. If anyone can tell me how to send pictures to an email address from a Blackberry feel free! I'd appreciate it!
How do you handle: a 7 month old that doesn't sleep, work, cooking, a bf that works a lot and snores, hanging out with your friends, spending quality time with your family, making sure that everybody that wants to see lidia can, blogging, all while being pregnant?
Again, JK JK JK! It's all apart of being a mommy! You wouldn't understand MATTHEW. I know that was you but thanks for the get it girrrrrrl! I swear I don't have a man that swings the other way... even though him and Lidia are obsessed with dancing to Justin Timberlake...

How do you handle being so f'n sexual!?
"I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Grab my glasses, I'm out the door. I'm gonna hit the city." (Self-explanatory)

How do you handle the fact your child will have a mole? "The Mole" told me his was actually glued on so we're good to go!
How do you plan on keeping your sanity?
This man right here....
My Ladies...... and her smile!
How often do I get to babysit? Isn't it obvious? You don't get to babysit now... WONDER WHY!?! When does Lidia get a cell phone? Yesterday.
Are we positive we are naming peanut Roger? YES
Can you manage parenting two children if I hide your specs? I have four other senses! My blind neighbors seem to handle it quite well. I may fall down the stairs a little more often than I do now though...
Last but not least...... when is the next one?!?! In your belly

The next one?! Maybe the next one should be in the Miller house;) I agree completely! Get on it!
When are you moving? We aren't moving quite yet :( Hopefully before bebe comes!
When do I get to see your beautiful face again? Call me ASAP!
Is it ok I start spoiling the kids a little too much? Yes please!
ps...LOVE YOU ALL!!! We love you too!

Who is the prettiest person you know who is your cousin and is named Jess? Jessi CAROSE Owens... She's pretty rad.
Alot of pressure because you said I would post so I guess I will, HA! Will you ever find your battery charger for your camera so we can get so videos of that precious little granddaughter of mine. You are an amazing Mom and I am so very proud of who you are!
I'll deep clean tonight just for you Momma Lu! And thanks! I learned from the best!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Your answers are so funny, I especially loved the p-diddy comment :)