February 09, 2010

~It's always better when we're together~

CHEEEEEESE!!! Yuck. I look like a tard with that fake smile and my newly bright hair do BUT I haven't gotten a picture of me and my leading lady in quite some time so this will have to do! We had a great weekend full of... well... not much, but we spent it together and that's what counts! Friday we had a play date with Lindsey and the kids while I got my hair done. Don't worry, Lindsey's precious mom was there to help us out and play with the little ones while Lindsey got down to business with my hair. Friday evening consisted of movies, pizza, and cuddling. Oh yeah, and G'ma Debbie stopped by and spent some time with us too! We love her!

Saturday was interesting. I tried out Lidia's new big girl car seat for the first time while running errands all day. Let me tell you about my experience. We ran several errands. The first one that consisted of me getting Lidia out of her carseat was running to the mall to meet Steph for lunch and a little shopping. Lidia had fallen asleep on the ride there, so I had to wake her up to put her in the stroller. Luckily, this child is almost always happy when she wakes up so we had no problems, just a nap was cut short, but still sort of a hassle. We ate lunch, she entertained everyone and I bought this adorable piggy bank for her! Cute huh?! I love it.
Then we left the mall and I needed to go to the store. Well, Lidia had fallen asleep immediately after being put back in her carseat so I debated whether to venture to the store or not but I figured I had to wake her up anyway to get her into the house so off to the store we went. This is where my day gets interesting! I decided to try out a new grocery store (not by choice, just went to the wrong one) and never ever again will I do that. Have you ever heard of ALDI's?! Wow is all I can say. I woke up Lidia from her nap, walked over to the grocery carts that are outside, and proceeded to try and get one. Well the carts were stuck together by these chains so I'm standing in the cold, with an infant, trying to just get a cart and head inside but couldn't. Some kind gentleman walks over and tells me you have to pay 25 cents for a cart! WHAT? Are you kidding me?? hahhaha ok so I would have but he just gave me his and inside we went. Now, the store consisted of 3 aisles. Yes, 3. I knew immediately I should have walked out but I wanted to make my trip worthwhile. So we started shopping and Lidia decided she is interested in the chain that linked the carts together, that is hanging from the cart. GO FIGURE. So I spent my time at the store trying to keep that out of her mouth and hurry to just get out of there! So I we get to the register, pay for our items and what do you know... you have to bag your own groceries! Great. So I head over to the counter to bag my groceries and there is no bags. Hmmmm... I stand around looking like an idiot once again, and the cashier tells me you have to pay for your sacks. HAHA again... WHAT?! So I get back in line, pay the 6 cents per sack, and bag up my groceries, with Lidia in hand, and head for the hills. Never ever ever again!
ANYWAY, Saturday night was spent at home again. Sunday we went to G'ma's house to see the family and make food for the Super Bowl! My meatballs were once again FABULOUS. (Thanks Matt) For the game, we headed over to "The Donkey's" house to hang out with friends and eat awesome food! Lidia got to play with her favorite Auntie Katie and entertain us better than the Super Bowl did but the outcome was great and the Saints won! GOOO SAINTS! Monday was another mommy/baby day until we met up with Lindsey at the nail salon. The weather was bad so we had the salon to ourselves to chat and gossip with our nail person/therapist, Mike. He's great! Lidia enjoyed her first nail salon experience but was disappointed she didn't get her nails painted. Next time baby girl.

"I hate these gossip magazines that mommy always reads so I'm going to tear them apart!"
"What? I didn't do anything!"
"Fine! I'll come crawl on you instead momma!"

I remember the days that we were able to just lay London and Lidia on the ground next to each other to get a picture and they wouldn't move. This is what our photo shoot ended up like when we tried on Friday...

Photoshoot = Unsuccessful!


Jess said...

I LOVE your Aldi's story. That place is atrocious. Isn't there like a cash-only policy there, too? I feel like I went there once and couldn't get anything after I had waded through the mess of a store...maybe you just can't pay with checks.

Oh yeah, Britt...how exactly does one go to the wrong grocery store? How do you drive your car to the wrong store, get yourself and your sweet potato out of the car, and realize you are at a store you have never seen before? I love you.

Britt said...

I'm not so sure about the cash only thing because luckily for me I had cash on me that day BUT it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case and it would've made my story just that more interesting! HAHA!

And in my defense (the little that I have) I thought I was going to Fareway! It's like two blocks over, in the same area as Aldi's, and... well...ok yeah I have no more excuses but hey I tried right????

Love you too! Come see us NOW!

Care said...

You and your daughter are so cute. I love that piggy bank too :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE lidi! I wish i got to see her everyday! She is looking so much like her mama We should have a family trip to Aldis sometime... Im SURE thereis one by my house... much love!