February 23, 2010

Oh Mother, Where Art Thou??

Do you ever have those mornings? Those mornings where you wish your little one would sleep in so you could get ready for the day in peace? Then, you have those mornings, and you wish they would have been up so you could spend time with them before heading to work, right? It's a vicious cycle I tell ya. But lucky for me (lucky is in the eye of the beholder here) I never have this "vicious cycle" anymore and princess is always up and at 'em with me in the mornings! Some days it's fun and she will play on the floor next to me and I will dance and sing "Tick Tock" to her. (and Matt wonders why the bathroom door is shut while I get ready) Other mornings... aka TODAY... she will cry until I hold her or give her my full attention. ::Sigh:: I try to be at work at 8am Tuesday - Friday BUT I find myself leaving the house at 8am now. No, this isn't because I'm getting up later, it's due to one little girl and her obsession with her momma. Not to name names or anything....
Now onto our fabulous weekend...
Friday: We spent the evening at home, as usual.
We played cowgirl, laughed on the floor, and ate pizza.
Then Lidia zonked out for the night (notice she's now sleeping on her back! woo hoo!) and Momma had an evening to herself to watch a movie.
We went to G'ma and G'pa Schneiter's house.
Lidia played in the snow for the first time with Gpa! He always says he's going to take her out sledding and to play outside, so what'd I do when he was out shoveling??? I bundled her up and let them go at it!
Then, Mommy, Steph, Aunt Chloe, and one of her friends snuck away to a movie while Lidia was napping. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with the Twilight series and had to see the movie. Then, we got home and it was time for G'ma and G'pa date night!!! Matt and I gave them a gift certificate to stay in a hotel and dinner at Biaggi's for Christmas and they used it this weekend! Lidia and I handled the fort while they were away and stayed with Aunt Chloe. We ate pizza (for the second night in a row, I guess Roger like pizza) and played Rock Band. We had a great time! Lidia slept really well at their house and so did I! I think it's time for me to invest in a King Size bed.... hmmm...
Saying goodbye before their date!
Aren't they so cute??? They don't look old enough to be grandparents!
I woke up to the best news EVER! We were getting ready for church and Sarah's mom called to tell me that Sarah was at the hospital in labor! Her mom said I had plenty of time since they had just broke her water and was only dialated to a 4. Her husband had even headed home to let the dogs out and pick up a few things. So I took my time and headed there an hour later. On my way, I got another call from her mom saying she dilated from a 4 to a 10 in a half hour and was already pushing! WOW was all I could think and I rushed to get there. I arrived at about 5 minutes to 10am and stood outside listening to the delivery. At 10:05am her mom and I heard the sweet sound of a baby cry!
Sunday, February 21st, 2010 @ 10:05am
I love you so much Collin! I hope you enjoy this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautful life!
I stayed at the hospital for an hour or so and talked to Sarah about her birthing experience. It brought back old memories and made me miss little munchkin so her and Matt came up to visit the new addition to our world also! We stayed for a bit but then we headed to Newton to see our family. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Jessie's kids, Aunts and Uncles, and helped Chloe make things out of clay! It was a successful, fun-filled day and weekend!

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Jess said...

Who is that little boy with the mane of hair??? Good night!! It looks even worse in photos! Poor kid. His Mama really needs to groom him better. Lidia and Liam are adorable.