February 23, 2010


I have seen this on tons of other blogs and thought it would be neat to do! I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, but I'm not sure if anyone will respond. Actually I'm pretty sure noone other than my mom will respond since I don't have many readers BUT I'm going to give it a whirl! And if my mom doesn't even respond, I'm DEFINITELY going to be erasing this post altogether but let's see how it goes! Ask me anything in the comments section of this post and I will answer in another post! If you leave me love, I will do the same! I love checking out new blogs... It's my new addiction so don't be shy... Now... GO!


Care said...

was this baby planned?
any names picked out?
how many kids do you want?
whats your dream house?
favorite family tradition?
fav beverage?

Anonymous said...

I have to start off with the same first 3 questions as Care....

Then I would like to know why there aren't any videos on the blog like you use to have?

Last but not least... How do you handle: a 7 month old that doesn't sleep, work, cooking, a bf that works a lot and snores, hanging out with your friends, spending quality time with your family, making sure that everybody that wants to see lidia can, blogging,all while being pregnant? Impressive!

Ge' Ge' Get it Giiiirrrrllll :)

Kati McDonald said...

How do you handle being so f'n sexual!?

Anonymous said...

How do you handle the fact your child will have a mole?

How do you plan on keeping your sanity?

How often do i get to babysit?

When does lidia get a cell phone?

Are we positive we are naming peanut Roger? YES

Can you manage parenting two children if i hide your specs

last but not least...... when is the next one?!?!

Anonymous said...

the next one?! maybe your next one should be in the miller house ;)

when are moving?
when do i get to see your beautiful face again?
is it ok i start spoiling the kids a little too much?

ps...LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Jess said...

Who is the prettiest person you know who is your cousin and is named Jess?

Debbie Lu said...

Alot of pressure because you said I would post so I guess I will, HA! Will you ever find your battery charger for your camera so we can get so videos of that precious little granddaughter of mine. You are an amazing Mom and I am so very proud of who you are!