February 02, 2010

"They just show on up with their big ol' hearts, You find out who your friends are..."

Yes, that would be me! I'm THAT kind of friend... Ohhh just kidding but I really do love my ladies so I had to mention them on here! My best friend Steph and her amazing fiance are getting married on April 18th. After much thought, they decided to skip the whole "traditional" wedding and make the day about them and get married on a cruise! I'm so happy for them and I'm even happier that I get to be there! No, I'm not going to leave my princess for a whole week and go on the cruise with them, but us girls are going to make a weekend trip of it and head to Florida to watch them get married on the dock and see them as they head off on their cruise. I'm so excited we get to share their special day with the future Mr. and Mrs. Bryan! She was able to find her perfect wedding dress this weekend! Isn't it gorgeous?! Ahhh she looks so pretty!
My "loverbear" Sarah is having her first baby boy, Collin, in just a few weeks. I did my best friend duty and threw her a baby shower on Saturday. Again, not your "typical" baby shower but everyone was in agreement that it was the best one they had been to! We met at HuHot for dinner, played only one game (baby shower games are the devil but I had to do at least ONE!), opened presents, and then had cupcakes! We wanted to go to a hockey game, but the tickets were sold out so we decided on a low-key pub to sit around and talk baby. It was fun and I'm sure Sarah wouldn't have had it any other way! I'm so happy and excited for her journey in motherhood! She will be amazing! Oh, and I get to be up at the hospital for his arrival along with her mom and we couldn't be more excited! Get here already Collin!
I bought Lidia her new big girl carseat this week also! It was quite the week for us, wouldn't you say? I was so lucky to find this on sale and I absolutely love it! She seems to be very comfortable in it and loves all the room she has to play. I haven't made the switch from the convertible carseat just yet, but I will this week. Just another way to show how big she's getting!

She's trying to pull herself up and stand but she's not quite there yet!

She found the box that the carseat came in and army crawled her way all over it! Who needs toys when you have big boxes to play in!?

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