March 12, 2010

8 months and halfway there!

Lidia is 8 MONTHS OLD!
Wow! Just saying that seems too crazy for me! So what is little miss princess up to these days?

Crawling: Of course she's been doing the army crawl for over a month now but it just seemed like she would never crawl. One afternoon, we were at a friend's house that hadn't seen her in awhile and she asked if Lidia was crawling yet. I told her about the army crawl and then said, "Lidia, show Sarah how you crawl." And what do you know?? That stinker made her mom into a liar and crawled right over to me. We got it on videotape (something I never do) and the rest is history! (This is the best pic I can get of her crawling)

Eating: EVERYTHING! She still takes a bottle every 3-4 hours and the amount varies. She seems more interested in baby food and "big people" food. She loves puffs, squash, sweet potatoes, and anything new that I put in front of her. She's my chunky little booty!
Clothing, Height, Weight: 6-9 months clothing. She is mainly in 9 months but can still fit in a few 6 month outfits. Not quite in 12 month yet but she's very tall and can sometimes wear 12 month pants. We still haven't hit the 20 lb. marker yet but she's very close!! Height: No clue but she's a tall baby!
Favorite Toys: This thing that she is playing on. Which one you may ask?? The couch or the toy?? I would have to say both. She LOVES crawling on anything! Her favorite toys are ones that make sounds and light up. Her grandma also just bought her a walker that she really loves. She is getting to be pretty independent now that she is crawling. She will entertain herself for awhile until she notices a certain someone has snuck out of the room (me) and then here come the fireworks!
Talking: All she says is "Ga Ga Ga Ga!" Excuse me, all she SCREAMS is "GA GA GA GA!" I don't know what she's saying but it's pretty hilarious. This morning I put her in her carseat before we were leaving and she was just screaming it and laughing at herself. She's quite the character! This is what her face looks like when she's talking.

Favorite new item: HOT PINK CONVERSE SHOES. Enough said.

Halfway there! That's right! I'm 20 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday and I feel great! The first trimester was a bit of a doozy. I was trying to cope with finding out I was pregnant so soon after Lidia, morning sickness, no sleep, and just plain exhaustion. Now the second trimester is in full swing and I feel "normal" again. Little peanut weighs about 13 oz. The size and weight of a can of pop, according to the ultrasound tech, and measuring right on her due date which is July 28th. (my mom's birthday) She is laying cuddled up right against the back on my spine which explains the back pain and seems pretty cozy in there. She doesn't move much yet. Although I feel her more at night. Seeing her in the 3D ultrasound was amazing. The 2D just doesn't capture it as well. When the ultrasound tech said, "It's a girl" I just knew she was perfect for our family. We don't have a name picked out yet or have any clue what it will be so she's still Roger for now. Is that weird???? But, she is so beautiful and we can't wait to meet her!


Meant to be a mom said...

Happy 8 months and halfway to both of you or should I say all three. How exciting.
I just love those little converse shoes. So cute.

Christina said...

Hi, thanks for following, I'm following you now too! Looks like we're close in pregnancy weeks and age, I'm also 24. :) Congrats on TWO little girls! That has always been my dream.