March 11, 2010

~ABC's ~
I am stealing this from because I needed a little pick me up/fun for the day! Something that doesn't have to do with a kicking fetus or a crying, teething, 8 month old! (Do I sound a little down and out???!) So here goes...



(C)hore you HATE

(D)og's Name (Without the 'S' of course)

(E)ssential Start your day item

(F)avorite Color (I heart the singer too!)

(G)old or Silver

(H)eight (5'6)

(I)nstruments you play (I wish!)

(J)ob Title
Permit Aquisition and Compliance Specialist @

Princess and the Pea! Aka Lidia and her lil sis in my tummy!

(L)iving Arrangements
We are moving to our 4-bedroom house next week! Pictures to come!

(M)om's Name (Debbie Lu aka the best momma in the world!)

(N)ickname (Bertha and Specs among others! Britty, Mommy, most awesome female on the planet)

(O)vernight hospital stay

(P)et Peeve (When people chew their gum LOUDLY!)

(Q)uote from a movie (Any quote from this movie rocks)

(R)ighty or Lefty


Chloe Adel and....
Ami Jo!

(T)ime you wake up (6:30)

(U)nderwear (Ow ow! I don't wear these but the guy isn't bad on the eyes...)

(V)egetable you dislike (I will NOT give peas a chance and neither will my daughter!)

(W)ays/Reasons your late (Bad hair day and children)

(X)~Rays you've had

No clue

(Y)ummy food you make (HAHAHA Riiiight... Matt makes the breakfast and I make everything else)

(Z)oo animals you like