March 29, 2010

...and she finally says mama!!

"Cries cries wahh wahh MAMA cries MAMA wahhhhhhhh!"

I could have guessed that she would associate the word "mama" with crying. That's all she does now! So of course, I want to be the one to pick her up when she's crying now because she needs her mama! Right? Well for now... I think it's sooo cute but I'm sure it will get old very fast!
The weather here in good ol' Iowa has been pretty decent this weekend! We went to backdoor adventures, which in an indoor place with playground equipment for sale and kids can play during the week. She had a great time crawling everywhere and swinging on swings. The slides aren't her favorite yet but she'll get there! We were also able to play outside and take a walk in the wagon! I can not wait for summer!

We have a busy week ahead of us! Lidia starts at a new daycare tomorrow! We are very excited and I know she will do great! Easter is this weekend (yay!) and family will be in town (yay!) which is exciting but hectic to try and fit in, considering we are having our housewarming party/easter egg hunt on Saturday to show off our new digs! Note to self: clean... ugh!! I wanted to get some painting in before our party but hey I'm a mom, that works, and I'm with child. I have an excuse that there is ugly wallpaper hanging in one of my bathrooms right?! No that is no excuse if you saw this HIDEOUS wallpaper... maybe Friday...

... I'll post some pics of the house sometime this week...and maybe a belly pic!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Can't wait to see the house pics. And yay she said mama. Who cares if she was crying or not :), if she said mama, she said mama.