March 25, 2010

I love my daughter(s)

So my post from earlier today was a huge rant and I wanted to take it down because I am no debbie downer and I felt like I was being that way. If you read it... Sorry. I blame the hormones! HAHAHA I can only use that for a little bit longer now right?!? If you didn't read it, and I know you guys were wondering where it went, it was just talking about frustration that moms have towards having the "perfect child" in other peoples eyes. You know, the ones we read about that sleep 12 hours a night, never give us any crap, and literally never crap all over us! And how we feel when others make a comment about our parenting skills. Whether good or bad. So there it is. Nothing big, just wanted to make this blog a little bit more about rainbows and sunshines and not complaining about a little comment that shouldn't ruin a person's day because that's what life is all about right?!? Rainbows and Sunshines?! Riiiiiiiighttttt.... And by the way, my babies ARE perfect... to me!

Update on Lidia: She is the cutest, sweetest baby in the world. My little mobile girl that crawled up the stairs for the first time yesterday!!!! She's constantly pulling herself up on most everything, and loves waving hi and bye! She's getting so big!

Update on peanut: We have a bag of Oreos on our hands!! YUMMM! She is about the length of a box of oreos, weighing almost 1 pound, and only 18 more weeks left! 18 more weeks sounds so much better than saying I'm 22 weeks along. I've gained maybe 5 lbs?? I don't weigh myself but I haven't gained much yet. I only gained like 15 or 20 lbs with Lidia and didn't start showing until my 7th month. I'm starting to show now and getting uncomfortable. Back aches at night and starting the whole going to the bathroom constantly thing isn't fun either. So I'll leave you with pictures of Lidia because she is wayyyyy cuter than showing off my pregnant belly. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cute when others do it but me?? Not so much! Plus, there's not much to show except a few stretch marks and my untanned tummy. (Gross, right?? Well I've been pregnant for almost two years now!! I have no tan to my skin at all!!!) Maybe you'll get lucky and blessed with a belly pic later! :)

and what is she doing in this last pic?!!? Yep, that would be her filling her drawers!!



Care said...

hahahaa! Too cute. I demand a belly pic! Im sure it is adorable!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ohhh i have photoshop and photoshop my stretch marks off in my pictures! ha ha go ahead show em off! :o)

Anonymous said...

i think josh's face looks like that too when he's filling his nice of his wife to share right?! :)