March 02, 2010

"I wondered of the dreams you were having and if angels were playing there..."

Saturday: 8:30pm -6am.
Sunday: 8:30pm-4am and then 6:30am.
Monday: 8pm - 7am.
This is Lidia's new sleep schedule.
I will not say anything further because I know that will jinx myself. All I will say is that we have a very very very happy baby and a very very very happy home!!
My baby is getting hair! This is what her hair looks like fresh outta the tub!
Now, onto our weekend:
Bella came to play all weekend and we had a blast! We went over to G'ma Deb's house and had a dance party! My friends; Lindsey and Candice brought over their daughters while Matt and I brought Bella and of course Lidia. We danced and sang in the living room with Aunt Chloe and her friend Kara and had a blast! My mom loved having us all over. She said, "My baby girls are home! With their baby girls!"She watched us grow up and said it was fun to see us with our little children. It's funny that we all have our own homes now but we still go to "Debbie Lu's to hang out." She better feel special! Matt and G'pa were a little out of place with all the ladies at the house but who doesn't like seeing a handful of girls shake their booty??!

(P.S. To those of you asking for videos; I finally bought a new battery charger for my camera and have videos from this dance party BUT I can't find the cord to transfer my pictures to my computer! UGH! Mommy brain is at it again! But once I find it (or buy a new one) videos will be posted ASAP. Ask and you shall receive my friends...)
Bella and Lidia in their matching outfits.
Lidia (the pig) trying to steal Bella's thin mint cookie!
We went to church and it was the first time that Lidia went in the nursery. She must have loved all the excitement with the new kids to play with that she skipped her morning nap. She wouldn't fall asleep until later that afternoon and slept for 3 1/2 hours! This girl is on a roll with her sleeping but you don't hear me complaining! Later that evening, we went to a concert back at the church. It was mommy's type of concert; loud, people crowd surfing (yes, in our youth center at church with 14 year olds... classic) and just downright good music. I wasn't a big fan of Lidia participating in the head pounding music and mosh pitting, so she sat in the hallway with her G'ma and other babies and played with toys. She told me it was much more fun than my silly music anyway! When Rog and I had enough, we decided to travel the 3 blocks home early and did this the rest of the night...
--------- > Monday:
Mommy actually had an important training that I was in charge of, so I had to work a few hours in the morning. Lidia went to Lindsey's house to have a pajama party with Ava and London. When mommy got there around 1:30, Lidia was fast asleep but when she woke up she got right to playing! I need to invest in one of those learn to stand tables because she pulled herself up for the first time!

... and apparently (according to Ava) Lidia is going with her to Colorado when they leave in a few days but Britty is staying home. They are going for a loooonnnng car ride and they are going to fly in the mountains and going to see Harryold! Riiiiiiigggght :)


Care said...

She looks so happy. I am jealous of your sleep schedule. We are almost there. We just need to cut one middle of the night feeding.

Looks like a fun weekend. She is adorable!

Meant to be a mom said...

All of those pictures are so cute. I'm sure your mom did enjoy every second of having you all there. How fun.