March 09, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA! Just been spending some time at home with the little one and haven't been at work most of the week. (Where I do my blogging.) Lidia was sick all weekend with temperatures reaching to 104! It's been pretty rough but she's a tough baby and is getting better. We had to take her to a walk-in clinic and all we found out was that she has another mild ear infection. It doesn't really explain the high temps but at least it's not something more! I took her to the babysitter today and after her being there only an hour, I got an email saying that she probably needs to be with her mommy. So, I have to cut this short and go spend the day with the princess (YAY!) I have a call in to the doctor to see about getting her in since the temp has been here for several days and since she has another ear infection, we have to talk to an ENT. So hopefully I'll have more news on her tomorrow. Speaking of news, we will DEFINITLEY have news tomorrow! I have an ultrasound at 8am for little peanut! I'm so excited! Wish me luck!

... and now for some pictures of princess throughout the weekend. Nothing gets her down!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Oh what a doll baby she is. I hope she feels completely better soon.

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow.