March 16, 2010


Ever have one of those days/weeks/months/year that nothing seems to go right? Well, as you can tell, things are coming together as far as buying a bigger home, adding an addition to our wonderful family, and many more things that make this life great and make me thank God every day for. But every so often, (more often than not right now since I'm pregnant, exhausted, and just burnt out) I have one of those days/moments. I start to feel sorry for myself thinking that I could use more help. I cook, clean, work, take care of Lidia 96% of the time, run the family errands, take care of the bills, worry about money, run late to work every single morning because I am getting two people ready and dropping her off at daycare, and doing this all on basically 6 hours of sleep a night. (Wow, I sound like a broken record! I'm really not this much of a complainer, seriously! Well I hope not anyway.) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE absolutely LOVE doing these things. I know that being a mom, and being the woman in the family, is what I'm here for, but on these occassions I just get in a slump.

When I have these moments, it seems everything else will go wrong. I step in dog crap or I can't find a pacifier or Lidia's blankie, or I lose my phone/keys, or Lidia wakes up right when I fall asleep. Like last night, she woke up at 3am, I was frustrated because I thought we were past this but I made her a bottle and laid her in bed with me because I was just dead. I normally put her back in her crib but not this time. She finished her bottle and got up on her hands and knees and started laughing and smiling at me. She scooted her way over and laid her head on my pillow and just stared at me smiling. I would close my eyes and minutes later she would still be awake staring at me and she would give me a smile. She didn't fall asleep until an hour later but she just laid there next to me as if she knew what I needed. She melted my heart. I am seriously in love with this child. She made everything better without even knowing it!

(Thanks for letting me vent, but now on to pics from our weekend!)

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Megan said...

Where did you get the little car? It is adorable!