April 30, 2010

My first Awards!! YAY!!

First off, THANKS to Mrs Lovf for giving me these awards!!! It made my day!!!

Here are the rules... 1) Post where you want to be in 10 years 2) Pass it on to 10 fellow bloggers

In ten years, I'd like to be exactly where I am... except not pregnant! HAHA! (I HAD to say it!) I'd love to be in our same house but have the yard landscaped so we can sit outside with our kiddos everyday. (We are getting a swingset this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! One step closer to a pretty yard!) I'd also like to do some renovations inside. Obviously we'd have to if we'd still be in the house in ten years. The first place I would start would be the kitchen. I'd love an amazing kitchen with new cupboards and appliances. I'd also give Matty his dream "Man Cave" with a full bar and man toys for his wolfpack. If he's happy, I'm happy. I'd also like to own a motorcycle, be a stay-at-home-mom, be halfway to our dream goal of seeing all 50 states by the age of 50 with my hunny, have a happy and NOT BRATTY almost 11 year old and 10 year old that still love their momma, and spend every other weekend with Bella and Tori. Oh yeah, we should probably get married sometime in between now and then too! :)

This can all be achieved if I don't die by the age of 25, like some "psychic" aka really drunk lady told me over a year ago. There I was, minding my own business at our local favorite Iowa Hawkeye hangout, (Go Hawks!!) when some crazy lady started telling me my "future." At this point, I wasn't pregnant or really in a relationship. She told me I'd have 2 BOYS, be unhappily married, and die at the age of 25 in the backseat of a car. Nice life huh?! Well... hmmm. I have 2 GIRLS, happy with my Matty, but I will never sit in the backseat of a car until I turn 26! I have to right??! Because that would freak anyone out to hear that crapppp!

Ok so here are the rules:
1. Accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
2. List 10 things about yourself.
3. List 5 additional things you DON'T like about yourself.
4. Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

About MOI!
1. My older sister is 11 years older than me. My younger sister is 12 years younger than me. Lidia is 12 years younger than my sister. (My mom brought this to my attention when I told her I was pregnant with Lidia. This was her way of saying how excited she was and how blessed our family was for the addition!) Cute, huh? Baby Carly still fits in though!
2. I never wanted kids or to get married but I love my family more than any love song could ever talk about.
3. I love Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, and Journey.
4. I love concerts. Rock concerts are my fav but I've been to a varety; Country, 80's, Rap, Christian, etc.
5. My favorite time of year is the Iowa State Fair. Yeah... we may be from Iowa but our fair is like number one in the country for best things to do in the summer! Come visit!
6. I have one tattoo and hope to get one more by the end of the year.
7. I've had glasses and my ears pierced since I was two. (Cool Kid.)
8. I could (and sometimes do) wear flip flops all year round.
9. I love pedicures.
10. I'm "too nice." "You just have this way about you that make people want to be around you." I think these can be taken as good and bad. But I like to think that it's just a positive way of living?? And I don't think I'm too nice... I can have a 'tude at times just like everyone else!!
11. Can I add one more? I love 'da Mole.

What I don't like:
1. I despise my stretchmarks from my children.
2. I wish I was more girly so I would like to wear jewelry and high heels and dress up all pretty!
3. I despise working and can't be at home with the princesses!
4. I HATE flying but wish I loved it.
5. I suck at laundry.

I'd like to give these awards to: (Sorry if you already have them! I tried to go back and see who didn't have the award, but I'm sure I didn't catch you all! Just feel special if you got it again ladies! Love ya'll!)



Mrs. Lexi


Mrs. Hesson


Mrs. D




Once again, HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I'm looking forward to it! My little sister turns 12 and Lidia gets to go swimming in a hotel! Welcome new followers! Let me know you stopped by so I can be your new bff on your blog too!! :)
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April 29, 2010

The Cool Kids

Text from Matt while at work yesterday:
"I missed you soooo much while I was gone! Send me a picture of you!"

Me:"Hi babe!!!!"


All the while, Lidia was at G'ma's playing outside while we were at work and baby Carly was punching my ribs. They don't know what they've gotten themselves into with cool kids like us as parents!

April 28, 2010

Me so LUCKY!

Someone take me gambling because I'm on a hot streak my friends!! I won THIS beauty from the Fabulous Fun Finds, Fabuolous Mother's Extravaganza Giveaway!!! I fell in LOVE with this dress when I saw it. I woke up to an email on my phone saying I won it this morning and I about died! I am not lucky and I never win anything so this was a pleasant surprise!! Now if only Carly could get here soon so I could wear it!
Also, remember the fun 2010 Ultimate Blog Party?? I won a prize during that too!! Can someone say I'm on FIRE?! I won't know for sure which prize I won until ColorMePink, the website I won the prize from, does a bio on me and my blog and then sends out my prize!! Nice, huh?? I'm hoping for the bracelet... love it! But the earrings are super cute too! Check 'em out!

I'm also lucky to have the best friend in the world stay with me while the man was gone for a few days this week. Lidia and Ramsey enjoyed playing together, bathing together, and basically looking like each others twins. Isn't it crazy how much they look alike??
... and how much their moms look nothing alike????

I'm lucky to have this little girl in my life...
But I wish she did a little more of this...

... and A LOT MORE of this....
(yes, she's using her bumper pad as a pillow... so cute!)
I'm lucky to have a dog to entertain a 9 month old by playing catch/fetch! Is that gross??
AND I'm lucky to have only 13 weeks left until Baby Carly arrives!!!
27 weeks:
  • Your baby weighs about 2 pounds. (Lidia weighed 7. 13 at birth)
  • Your baby's total length is close to 14.4 inches. (Lidia was 20.5 inches at birth)
  • Your baby is now a perfectly formed and very tiny human being.
  • Hello Third Trimester!!! (Next week)
  • The retina, the light sensitive portion of the eye, typically starts maturing at about 27 weeks. The layers that form in the retina will allow your baby's eyes to receive light and transmit the information it is receiving to the brain to form images. Your baby is a tiny, seeing human being! (I wander what it looks like in there!)
  • You may start to notice that the abundant energy that you had in the second trimester is fading as you approach the third trimester. (umm yes, totally. I. NEED. SLEEP!) Your growing uterus is placing increasing demands on your body during pregnancy 27 weeks and beyond. Remember it takes a lot of energy to create life. (Woo Hoo! I'm creating a baby today... what have YOU done?! haha! I kid. I kid.)

(For family members and close friends, please email me or leave a comment if you would like me to send you a 9 month picture of Lidia. I am sending them out this week! Love all around!)

April 23, 2010

Can someone tell me...

Why Lidia believes that this is an appropriate and comfortable way to sleep in the car?

Why I begged for the Lord to send my precious peanut more hair?? Only for it to grow in like this!!?
Why God didn't create Spring all year round so we can play outside 24/7??

Why Lidia STILL wakes up in the middle of the night?! (Yeah I don't want to talk about it!) but she's still the happiest baby in the world?! I guess that's my answer... she doesn't think she needs the sleep but mommy and baby Carly sure do!!!

When teething will end?! Only for the next fun adventure to begin!

How jealous you are off THIS sweet fashion choice?? And if you want one for yourself... check these beauties out at Forever 21! I'm sure there are plenty to go around! :)
Why my bladder is being used as trampoline? Why the bra I bought yesterday doesn't fit? Why I have itchy bumps on my arms? Although all of these things mentioned are "very flattering," it's all worth it?!!!! Oh yeah I know why...
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