April 13, 2010

9 months & sweets...

Last week I got tested for Gestational Diabetes at my OB office and I failed the first test. So I had to go to the hospital yesterday for a four hour testing to see if I actually had it. It was a loonngg morning but Matt made it very fun and "adventurous" for me to keep my mind off it! Anyway, I just heard back from the doctor and I passed every single blood draw! Woo hoo! No diet for this lady! When the doctor called she said, "I thought it would be weird to have to tell you, someone that has only gained a few pounds during her pregnancy and is 6 months along, that she had to diet... so I'm glad to tell you that you passed!" It was cute. And I'm happy. And Rog is happy and healthy. Now for that McDonald's I've been talking about and no giving up candy for me!!!

My 9 month old beauty queen. I waited nine months to get her here and now she's been here for 9 months. She is my everything and more, and I love everyday with her. I love the good days and I love the bad. I tell her one day what my favorite part about her is, and then the next day it's different. I can't find one thing wrong with her. She's a snuggler and she's independent. She can be shy but she loves to entertain. She will sleep all night and then be up every hour the next night. She's always changing. She's never the same. Everyone say she's "obsessed" with her mamma and that I'm obsessed with her. She has made me a completely different person. She makes my family complete.

One little girl. 21 lbs. Big blue eyes. Funky hair. Amazing smile.
Thanks for making these last 18 months, (9 months in and 9 months out)
so amazing that words can't describe it!

... and tomorrow is the big day. Tubes for Ms. Lidia. Please say some prayers and keep her in your thoughts tomorrow. I will keep you updated on how she's doing. Love you all!

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