April 09, 2010

Blog Party 2010!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Welcome to our world!!

I'm Ms. B and this blog is about my rockin', growing family.

I thought it'd be great to join the blog party to meet new blogging moms and share my life with all of you. For my party post, I'm not going to do an "intro post" or share some of my favorite posts here. I know most of you have done that and don't get me wrong, I LOVE reading yours, but I just don't have time!! I thought itd be better to share a typical post of our weekend and hopefully you likey!! Also, if you want to know anything about us, hit any of the "About" buttons at the top and you should learn everything you need to know! Especially the "About Ms. B" secion.It was written by my lovely other half and is very entertaining. I know my current followers have been patiently awaiting the second half for some time now, (hahaha riiighhtt) so just for this special occassion, he has completed it and I must say it rocks. So go ahead and check it out here!This weekend, Lidia "enjoyed" her first Iowa cubs game. Notice her face... she wasn't a big fan. Probably because she had to sit still and she's not into doing that these days. But it was great to be outside enjoying the weather!

Lidia's favorite new spot at our house is standing at the living room windows. They overlook our yard and she can creep on our neighbors. It makes it extra fun when she is nakey. Obviously... look at that face!!
And this weekend, she found her future husband at Abercrombie, 'nuff said. Oh, and momma approves :)

We played outside a lot this weekend as you can tell by the pictures above, but momma finally got to spend a day with her ladies! My best friend is getting married next weekend and it was her bachelorette party on Saturday. Us girls spent the day together with pedicures and more!!!We ended the night with her bachelorette party that included a Pure Romance party. (wayy fun) The host makes you go around and introduce yourself and say a sexual word that starts with your first name. What do you know? My friends thought it was HILARIOUS to say, "Britt... baby making, birth giver." hahaha laugh it up girls. They ended the night going out and my pregnant self was home by 10:30. But at least I got to dress up pretty for a night and feel like my self again!
Lidia got her first pony this weekend! Ponytail that is... So cute right??!

oh yes... and 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 18, 32 would be the numbers of the prizes I would prefer, but obviously I'm no picky momma and would enjoy anything!!! Prizes rock!
Happy Blog Party!!!


Meant to be a mom said...

HAHA, You seriously crack me up. I'm already a follower but I decided to read this post anyways.
That picture of Lidia next to the abercrombie guy. HAHA SOOO CUTE!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping by from the party! I love the baby pictures in diapers! I have little boy!

Pamela M. Kramer said...

Hey Winner!
You need these numbers to complete the prize form on the prize page - http://www.5minutesformom.com/ultimate-blog-party-2010-prizes/