April 20, 2010

I like your style!

I spent the weekend with my ladies.
If you know my friends, you'd know that sentence says it all! Together we are crazy, hilarious, and can have fun wherever we go. We always come out with new sayings, (I like your style!) inside jokes (are you Russian?), and just plain laughter (no we don't want two queen sized beds, make it one king...) even if we've spent an hour together. We all have our own families now, so it's rare (non-existent) that we spend a weekend together but we all had to be there when Stephanie became Mrs. Bryan! She was the most beautiful bride in the world and their ceremony, (even though it was literally 12 minutes long) was the sweetest, most emotional ceremony I've been to! It was very intimate, with a total of 30 people in attendance, no bridal party, an hour long only reception and seriously you could just feel the love they shared and it was perfect! Then they were off to the Bahamas to spend the week as newlyweds!! I love Mr. and Mrs. Bryan with all my heart, I love my ladies that I got to relax and spend the weekend with, but I love my family even more! When the festivities were over, I couldn't wait to just be with my loves at home, where I belong. Funny how life and love changes you!Lidia at Aunt Chloe's soccer game, where she scored a goal!!! What you may not know is that she's a defender! And she scored a goal?? That's talent! It was also Aunt Ami's birthday this weekend! Happy Birthday Bubba!! And the rest of the weekend was spent playing at home... inside and out! It was great weather, great baby, and a great time...

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife...
First dance.
Cheers and cake cutting...
Aren't they gorgeous??
"Kiss your bride Jakey!"
"Yeah I'm jealous of her too..."
I wish you both the best and come home soon from your cruise! We miss you already!


Meant to be a mom said...

I love all the pics of Lidia, Such a cutie. And your friend looks Gorgeous! In her wedding dress. I know exactly what you mean about spending time with the girls. I have a great group of girl friends with tons of inside jokes. Awe the good old days. But now I just enjoy spending time with my boys having a girls dinner here or there. But its good to see our friends sometimes and just have a few good laughs. :)

Denise said...

Following from The Creative Girl's New Friend Friday.

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