May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend O' BBQ Fun

Lidia and I spent the afternoon with G'ma doing some wedding planning! We went to a bridal shop to get some ideas on bridesmaids dresses, and I ended up trying on a few wedding dresses!! PREGNANT! Very strange combination and a little depressing, but it was nice to see my style of dress. I actually loved a few dresses and made my mom cry when I tried one of them on! We are planning to get married in October and having a baby in between now and then, so we are busy busy busy!! Friday evening we spent the evening at home and it was the only time this weekend we were able to relax!
Woke up, ran errands, finished painting Carly's room, put some of the room together, cleaned the house, then had some friends over for a bbq! During our cleaning, painting, and organizing of Carly's room, Lidia found her old baby swing and tried it out one last time. She LOVED it. She laughed the whole time!Lidia stayed up extremely late that evening and would not go to bed! I think she was excited from all the people over at the house. Or maybe she was excited because she knew she was going to do this in the morning...

Sunday: We got to the Millers' pool bright and early and it was perfect weather. As you can tell by my pastey white skin, it was our first time at the pool this summer and it was great! We spent a few hours therem but it looked like Lidia was a little tired because she started doing this...
... so we headed home for a nap before we had another bbq at my parents that evening. But Lidia had a different idea of how her afternoon would go and would not take a nap for anything! It was crazy!
So we headed to my parents later to eat and spend some more time outside and when we got home at 9:00pm, she was finally ready for some sleep!
We got up and headed to the beach! The weather was great again and the beach was packed! We headed to yet another bbq this evening at Matt's parents' house, and we were so worn out from the weekend that we headed home early to get some rest. Lidia finally just fell asleep (it's taken me about 3 hours to write this because she wanted to tell HER side of the story the whole time!) but now that she's in bed from our long weekend, I'm headed that way too! I hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends and got out to enjoy the summer now that it's here!

May 27, 2010

"Walk this way, Walk this way! Just gimme a kiss!"

Well our night didn't turn out as planned... It actually turned out better!

She was with her grandma yesterday afternoon while I was at work and that is where it happened! When I went to pick her up, my mom goes, "Youre going to hate me!" Her and Lidia showed me her new trick for about 15 minutes, and then Lidia got bored with it. But I am so proud of her and can't wait for the walking fiasco to begin!!! So as I said yesterday, we planned to go to a friend's house to watch the American Idol finale, but I couldn't wrap my head around keeping Lidia out that late and I wasn't feeling the best, so we went home to watch it on the couch where we belonged! Good thing we did that because this is what Lidia did as soon as we got home... (which was at 6pm, by the way...)
This girl has the most hilarious sleeping positions ever! She was sleeping right next to me on the couch while I enjoyed the finale in peace and quiet. I kept kissing her belly so I could have some play time with her because it's my favorite part of the day and it's way better than any tv show, but she didn't budge!! I didn't put her in her crib at first because this child doesn't go to bed until 8 or 8:30pm but she never woke up! So I put her in bed when American Idol was over and she slept until 7am! I found her sitting in her crib this morning, blankey in hand, saying "Ba ba!" WHERE DID MY BABY GO?? AND WHO IS THIS BIG GIRL!?! ANYWHO, I LOVED American Idol last night! Bret Michaels, Alanis Morsette, Alice Cooper, Janet Jackson, (who Matt apparently thinks is super fly) and more! Wow. It was awesome! Lee deserved to win and I think HE is super fly but now I'm sad I don't have anything to watch on tv anymore! But I have one thing to look forward to tonight....
That's right! The day is finally here and you better believe I'm not going to miss it for the world! If I wasn't pregnant, I would have been at the midnight showing buuuuuuuuttttt that didn't seem appealing to me, so I will be in attendance tonight! I'm so excited to go with my ladies and I'm coaching Carly all day today to stay off my bladder for at least two hours so I don't have to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes! I was thinking of taking Lidia to get her addicted too and start her on the right path, but it's past her bedtime... I KID, I KID!

May 26, 2010

What will we be doing tonight????

Eating THIS yummy pizza...
Watching THESE two FABULOUS singers dook it out....
(GO LEE! but I love Crystal too!)

At Steph's house with my bff's and our babies!

(Last time we were there for a "showdown" it was Greenbay vs. Minnesota this fall and we got stomped! But we looked cute in our Greenbay gear, right?!!? And look how little Lidi looks!!!)

Just another super cute picture of my bff's on Halloween this year. Would that have been the weekend Carly was conceived?? Why yes. Yes it was! :)
...and hoping THIS precious princess is cooperative and lets me watch at least half of the finale!!! (Last night she was singing right along with them!)
GO LEE!!!!!! You are DEWYZE choice!!!!
Did I really just say that?????

May 25, 2010


Like the new design???

Lindsay at Happy Housewife Designs did a great job! I won a blog makeover but even though it was free, she made sure I loved my design! She's super sweet too so check her out!! Also, check out the most adorable picture ever. If you can't see, that is macaroni all over her face, in her hair, eyebrows, etc. Could I love this girl more? I'm not sure!

30 minutes with Lidia

Staring at a picture of her boyfriend...
Having "goo goo ga ga eyes" over her boyfriend...
Hugging the picture of her boyfriend...
Playing peek-a-boo...
Getting stuck...

Happy again!

Playing with her new toy...
Getting ready to crawl on her new toy...
Her cute lil ruffle butts crawling off the toy...
Attacking some other toys...

Then she attacks Mommy...
and Mommy attacks baby!
Getting ready for cuddle time with her blankey...
Bathtime and outfit change. Not quite ready for that cuddle time like we thought...

More playtime...

Hugs for babies of course!

Finally! Sleepy sleepy night night time for Ms. Lidia! (Can you see why I'm tired running after her all day??)

and this post wouldn't be half as fun without a trip down memory lane...

This pic was taken somewhere between high school and now I'm assuming. We look pretty fly huh??? Especially Matt's hair do. Woot woot! You're hot baby! (And excuse Dave for his smoking habits in the picture... we punished him by telling him he had to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. Gotta love younger brothers!)
This picture doesn't need words!
Happy Tuesday everybody!

May 21, 2010

What does Matt's "magical iphone" capture??

The best of friends watching over our neighborhood...

... and taking a bath together.
Lidia chewing on her washcloth like it's the last thing she'll ever have to eat! Why? Because her top teeth are coming in!! YAY!

Trying to capture a "romantic silhouette" of Lidia playing on Uncle Dane's lap
Nap time with Mommy.

Her first taste of a dum dum sucker!
Our "ghetto fab" trip to Wal-mart. "We can dress like this and be the best dressed there! We're just going to Wal-mart!" (We went to Target.)

More sleepy sleep time with Mommy. Can you tell I'm becoming increasingly exhausted this last part of my pregnancy?

Attempt at Lidia's evening walks but she was just too tired!

... and again!

"I'M STUCK!!!" Playtime with Lidia's kitchen. She cooks a mean booger sandwich :)
Lidia's newest trick? She's becoming increasing aware of babies. Whether it be younger children around her or her babydolls, she loves babies. Which is probably a great thing considering there will be one in the house in a few short weeks. Last night, her and I were playing in the living room together and she was sitting in the corner, on her booty, holding her babydoll up to her shoulder, patting it's back, rocking back and forth, and saying, "Ohhhhh!" I died! I said, "Lidia give the sweet baby a kiss!" And she did. Could she BE any smarter? (said like Chandler off of friends)

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend! We plan to spend it painting (pictures to come) and I'm getting a massage tomorrow morning! Wooooo hoo!! Also, Happy New Friend Friday and Follow me Friday from the Trendy Treehouse! I hope you love our blog and become our newest friend! I'm glad it's the weekend!
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