May 19, 2010

30 weeks!!!

Look at that hot bod!!

Gross. I have ten weeks left and I look like a chunky fat cow that ate too much this spring. Show yourself a lil more Carlyboo! 30 weeks is so exciting though! I'm no longer in the twenties, and almost down to single digit weeks until she's here! It's go time! We are painting her room this weekend and then it's just the waiting game!

How far along: 30 weeks today!

How big is baby: around 3 lbs and probably 15-16 inches!

Weight gain: between 5-10 lbs (not this week sillys! since the beginning :)

Stretch Marks: Same glorious ones I love ohhhh so much!

Maternity Clothes: duuuh

Sleep: depends on the night but pretty good.

Best moment this week: not pregnancy related... but I think we have a date for the wedding... I will announce when it's definite!!

Food cravings: I would doooooo anything for a Klondike bar

Food Adversions: nah

Gender: pppprincesss

Movement: too much!

What I miss: being able to play with Lidia on the ground, hold her for more than 5 minutes at a time, and her being a total momma's girl! She likes someone AHEM a little more than me because he's had to help more! Especially at night...

Belly Button: innnny

What I'm looking forward to: My 30 week appt this afternoon and painting this weekend!

Milestone: Starting of contractions (braxton hicks or something else??) ------------------->

When I was pregnant with Lidia, I had braxton hicks contractions that started really early and lasted throughout the rest of my pregnancy. They were annoying, yes, but never hurt. It was just the tightening of my stomach a few times a day and that was it. Well, this time around I haven't been having the braxton hicks contractions at all. I'm definitely not complaining because they aren't the best feeling in the world and I know every pregnancy is different. The only problem is, the last few nights when I go to bed I have contractions for about an hour before I fall asleep. These contractions feel more like real contractions where they hurt, my stomach is cramping and tightening, and my back hurts. AKA actual contractions! They come about every 10 minutes and then I eventually fall asleep. They feel like the "false labor" I had almost every night for a week before I actually went into labor with Lidia. It's kind of scary but maybe this is just how the braxton hicks feel with your second baby?? Has anyone ever felt this before? I know I know! Tell your doctor!! And I'm going to today at my appt but I just don't know if it's any cause for concern or not!


Carol said...

5-10 lbs! Sickening. Seriously, you are blessed. I put that on in one week, it was Xmas, but still. I had more intense BH contractions with my 2nd baby. But, I wouldn't say that they hurt, they were ALLTHETIME though.

Kate said...

It should be illegal to look that good at 30w pregnant. That was the extent of my bloat in the 1st trimester. You go girl!

Mitzi G.!! said...

You look great.......are you sure yuo are 30 weeks??

Just One Week said...

So exciting!! Almost baby time!!

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!