May 04, 2010

Birthdays and Swimming and Bellies... Oh my!

Happy 12th Birthday Aunt Chloe!!

My baby sister and Lidia's "Kkk Kkk" turned 12 on Sunday! I promised her last year for her birthday that I would take her to a hotel for her birthday party. Me last year: "Chloe, it'll be perfect! I'll be able to stay the night with you since I won't be pregnant!" Errrrrr welllll, that didn't pan out as planned but wouldn't you know, my "I never forget anything you say" sister required that I still stay the night with her and her friends in the hotel for her party. Probably because I'm a cool kid and mom is not. So my 28 week pregnant booty did just that.... on a fold out couch and all. I must love her more than words. Lidia fell asleep at the hotel, but G'ma was nice and took her to her house to stay the night so the girls wouldn't wake her up. Lidia slept terrible because she wasn't in her own bed, but I thought it worked out pretty nicely. Mom, if I had to stay with YOUR daughter and be up all night, you get to stay with MINE and be up all night too!! Fair trade?!? Yes!! (jk Love you mom!)I also found the cure for a snoring significant other, a crying baby, or three 12 year olds that laugh and talk into the night... Earplugs.


Sorry ladies... every mom will still hear their baby regardless of earplugs or not. But I must say it's worked wonders on my sleep the last few nights. And wow. Did I really just admit I've been wearing earplugs to bed?!?!

Obviously the hotel stay wouldn't be complete without swimming! Lidia loved it! She's a fish!

Here are some mooches from her grandpa! This weekend Lidia perfected her kisses. If I say, "Give momma a kiss", then lean in and make a mmmmmm sound, she will do the same. She will lean in, open her mouth (if youre lucky she'll put her tongue out too) give you a kiss, and afterwards go MMMMM!" Oh and she makes a smacking sound with her lips! She's perfect I tell ya!

Poppin' her collar for daycare this morning.
Bathtime hair.
Her new Babylegs for Aunt Chloe's soccer games!
Dromroll please...
My first belly pic...
28 weeks pregnant tomorrow!!!
... and please disregard my ugly, terrible, disgusting (i can go on and on) wallpaper in the bathroom. I WILL finish it sometime this month!!


Megan said...

You look great! Wow your sister sure is lucky to have you :) Lidia is adorable, and the baby legs are GREAT!

Mrs. D said...

You are SUCH a great sister! That's sosweet of you for what you did! & OMG you look ADORABLE! I think I'm as big as you are & you're 6 wks ahead of me!!

Anonymous said...

I was a little worried when I heard you yell "Thats the money shot!!" from the bathroom this morning... Now that I see that you were taking pictures it makes a lot more sense :)

love you sexy mama

Carol said...

So, every Momma loves to hear it, but, girl, you are tiny for 28 weeks! Soak it up sister! What a fun memory for you and your sister to share. Oh, and those babylegs...ADORABLE!

t.bird said...

28 weeks?! you look fab! i distincly recal being huge @ 28 weeks! ha!

and the babylegs- love!

Meant to be a mom said...

You look great! Love the bump :)
That is so sweet that you took your sis to the hotel with her friends and stayed there with them. She will remember that forever. What a good big sis you are :)

MrsSouthernBelle said...

You look great!!

Hillary (First Yr Wife) said...

What a great sister! I miss that, my little sister (20) is going through a phase where she's too cool for her family members! Ha!

I can't believe you're 28 weeks along! You look so tiny!