May 05, 2010

I'm no good at Wordless Wednesday!

The girls have a new swingset!!

Can't you see I'm teething momma?! The shirt you put on me literally 2 seconds ago is soaked!

... and exciting news! We get to see Carly tomorrow! Hmmm I wonder how big she's gotten and how cute she is! On the side of my blog, you'll see I have a poll going on her arrival. I know it's a bit early but I have to have something to look forward to after hitting the third trimester today! Remember, Lidia was here 5 days early. And don't let the "tiny belly" fool you! I was small with Lidia and she popped out at a whoppin' 7 lb. 13 oz! What are your thoughts?!


Mrs. D said...

She is SUCH a doll, even when she's teething :)
YAY for getting to see baby tomorrow! I'm jelous!

Megan said...

So excited for you to see baby tomorrow! I am sure she will not be overdue :) Love the swingset btw, so jealous we don't have one yet!