May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend O' BBQ Fun

Lidia and I spent the afternoon with G'ma doing some wedding planning! We went to a bridal shop to get some ideas on bridesmaids dresses, and I ended up trying on a few wedding dresses!! PREGNANT! Very strange combination and a little depressing, but it was nice to see my style of dress. I actually loved a few dresses and made my mom cry when I tried one of them on! We are planning to get married in October and having a baby in between now and then, so we are busy busy busy!! Friday evening we spent the evening at home and it was the only time this weekend we were able to relax!
Woke up, ran errands, finished painting Carly's room, put some of the room together, cleaned the house, then had some friends over for a bbq! During our cleaning, painting, and organizing of Carly's room, Lidia found her old baby swing and tried it out one last time. She LOVED it. She laughed the whole time!Lidia stayed up extremely late that evening and would not go to bed! I think she was excited from all the people over at the house. Or maybe she was excited because she knew she was going to do this in the morning...

Sunday: We got to the Millers' pool bright and early and it was perfect weather. As you can tell by my pastey white skin, it was our first time at the pool this summer and it was great! We spent a few hours therem but it looked like Lidia was a little tired because she started doing this...
... so we headed home for a nap before we had another bbq at my parents that evening. But Lidia had a different idea of how her afternoon would go and would not take a nap for anything! It was crazy!
So we headed to my parents later to eat and spend some more time outside and when we got home at 9:00pm, she was finally ready for some sleep!
We got up and headed to the beach! The weather was great again and the beach was packed! We headed to yet another bbq this evening at Matt's parents' house, and we were so worn out from the weekend that we headed home early to get some rest. Lidia finally just fell asleep (it's taken me about 3 hours to write this because she wanted to tell HER side of the story the whole time!) but now that she's in bed from our long weekend, I'm headed that way too! I hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends and got out to enjoy the summer now that it's here!


Care said...

Oohh wedding planning. How fun!! She is so pretty and I love the pool pics! Cute new blog!!

PS: Can't believe you fit into wedding dresses! Teeny tiny thing!

Anonymous said...

You forgot about how I saved our house from blowing up!

Carol said...

Love that you included another sleeping baby picture! You did a lot of BBQing!!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

all this talk about bbq is making me long for some ribs!