May 26, 2010

What will we be doing tonight????

Eating THIS yummy pizza...
Watching THESE two FABULOUS singers dook it out....
(GO LEE! but I love Crystal too!)

At Steph's house with my bff's and our babies!

(Last time we were there for a "showdown" it was Greenbay vs. Minnesota this fall and we got stomped! But we looked cute in our Greenbay gear, right?!!? And look how little Lidi looks!!!)

Just another super cute picture of my bff's on Halloween this year. Would that have been the weekend Carly was conceived?? Why yes. Yes it was! :)
...and hoping THIS precious princess is cooperative and lets me watch at least half of the finale!!! (Last night she was singing right along with them!)
GO LEE!!!!!! You are DEWYZE choice!!!!
Did I really just say that?????

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Carol said...

Hahaha! Love me some $5 pizza, crazy bread, and Idols. I'll be watching solo tonight, hubs has "golf league." Who knew there was such a thing...It's all good, though, cause I have "mall league" on Thursday night :)