May 18, 2010

What would you doooooo

for a Klondike bar???!
All you have to do is be a cute 10 month old and give your momma mooches and you will more than likely get a taste! See the drool? Klondike bar or teething? Take your pic. And you can see in the background that I was watching the finale of Survivor. Sandra won really?! I'm no fan of Parvarti OR Russell but Sandra is definitely no "queen of survivor" as she stated on the reunion.
Her favorite new position in the house. Licking the refridgerator... No joke.
I just love watching her walk around in her skivies. She has the cutest lil booty and legs in the world!

Is this inappropriate or funny?

I will NEVER get sick of taking pictures of her doing her business aka pooping. For whatever reason, she'd rather continue to play in that mess than get her stinker changed!!
She can be a handful, sassy, and likes to throw these hilarious... ahem I mean... naughty tantrums. But as soon as she reaches out for you, lays her head on your shoulder, yells MMMMM for a kiss, smiles at you, does something to make you laugh, or just tries talking to you in her secret language... you forget the first part and she melts you again. Can you tell I miss my princess today????


Megan said...

She is so adorable, looks like she was dancing for that klondike bar :)

Carol said...

The bra picture is hilarious! My little one was walking around last night with her sister's swim suit bottoms on her head like hat. Cute pics!