June 23, 2010

35 weeks!

Yes, the picture is in my bathroom at work.
(shout out to Katie and Jess that noticed :)
Yes, I darkened my hair.
(still getting used to it but it will do!)
Yes, that is the most ridiculous smile ever in my picture!

Survey time:
How far along:
35 weeks
How big is baby:
18 inches... 5 1/2 lbs.
Weight gain:
yea yea I've gained some
Stretch Marks:
Stretchmark cream and gentle baby oil everyday for this lady!
But yes, I have them.
Maternity Clothes:
Best moment this week:
Lidia feeling better for sure!
little lady
has slowed down
What I miss:
being comfortable
Belly Button:
What I'm looking forward to:
meeting baby girl and July 4th!
another week?

1 comment :

Carol said...

For a second I read that as "Meeting baby girl on July 4th" and I thought, holy crap...that's soon! Love your hair darker ;)