June 09, 2010

33 weeks! and a looonnng survey

About Mommy!
Name: Britt
Age: 24
First child? Nope!
About Daddy!
Name: Matt
Age: 24
First child? Nope!
Finding out:
What day did you find out? We found out around Thanksgiving, 2009.
How did you feel when you found out? I love you baby girl BUT when I first found out I was pregnant, I was very very sad because your older sister was only a few months old and I was SCARED to take care of two little babies!
Who was with you? I was alone in the bathroom of Casey's. I thought it would say "no" if I was in a "classy place" like that! Wrong-O. But it was the best Wrong-O EVER!
Who was the first peson you told? I called Daddy immediately!
How did Daddy react? He stayed calm and met me at home right away!
Telling the grandparents:
How did your parents react? My mom said, "You know how to prevent these things right?!?!" HAHAHAHA I will never forget her saying that! But she was excited to have another grandbaby in her life!
How did his parents react? I think they reacted the same way!
About the pregnancy:
When is your due date? July 28, 2010
How far along are you? 33 weeks today!
Have you had an unltrasound? I have had three ultrasounds. One at 8 weeks, one at 20 weeks, and one at 28 weeks!
Have you heard the heartbeat? Yes yes yes! My favorite part of dr's appointments!
What was the heartbeat? A steady 150 each time.
Sex of the baby! My peanut baby girl, Carly Joelle.
What do you think you are having? Again, sorry Carly, but we were crossing our fingers for a boy but soooooooooooo blessed to have another girl! I was convinced you were a boy!
About the birth:
Do you know what you are taking with you? Daddy, SOCKS (my feet got REALLY cold in the hospital with Lidia!), clothes for both you and I, camera, and not much else. I just need you when you get here and I will be set!
Who is going to be with you? Daddy, both Grandmas, and you will get your first look at your crazy aunties too, I'm sure!
Are you going to videotape it? Yesss of course
Natural or medicated? Medicated derrr
Do you think you will need a c-section? Nope, I hope not.
Will you cry with you hold your baby for the first time? Absolutely!
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold her? Probably nothing. Just stare...
Are you scared about the labor? Yes and No. No, because I know what labor is like and Yes, because I know what labor is like...
Do u have a name picked out? Carly Joelle
Is your baby going to be named after someone? You are named after your Aunt Ami Jo.
Other random questions:
Where was your baby conceived? At our old condo.
Have you felt the baby move? Daily
Do you have stretch marks? Yes, from Lidia
What was your first symptom? EVENING sickness
What religion will the baby know? And from what side? I was raised Assemblies of God and plan to have you and your sisters raised going to church as well.
What music or interests do you want the baby to know? I want you to be your own individual and like whatever music you like and be interested in as many activites as you want! As long as you are happy, then so are mommy and daddy.
What is the baby's room theme? Vintage pink and green
What was the first thing you bought for the baby? Crib
Are u ready to be a mommy? I'm already a mommy!


Mrs. Hesson said...

Awww soo close :)

Megan said...

So cute! Can't wait until you have little Miss!! I am so excited for you on baby Carly and on the up and coming wedding!!!!

Carol said...

Awesome answers...and it didn't feel that long :)

Kati McDonald said...

love your work bathroom pics :)

Becky said...

Love your blog! I just came across it and realized we are due a day apart from eachother. Im having a boy and this is my first. Your little girl is adorable! You should check out my blog sometime :) hope these last few weeks of pregnancy treat you well!

Anonymous said...

am i a crazy auntie?!!?! -Katie

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i like the last question....haha...i mean is it too late to say no? haha