June 16, 2010

Lidia v. Carly... Room edition

Well we finally got Carly's room finished! We painted it a pale green, (not me! the man and the parents), we got the crib together and bedding on, moved the dresser over from Matt's mom's house, and got all of her clothes organized! I still have some awesome curtains to hang but I haven't got to that yet. Let me rewind... We got the crib as a hand-me-down for el cheapo, the bedding from a friend, and the dresser from her Grandma. So I've spent basically nothing on this room! You can't tell she's my second baby can you?!?
Now Lidia's room. Her walls were already painted a bright yellow and it matched, so we kept it that way. Her bed was bought brand-new, bedding bought at a garage sale (pottery barn! whoop whoop!), changing table from a garage sale, and her dresser was the one I grew up with at my parents house. We just had to repaint it and it was good to go. Again, everything was el cheapo (minus the crib) but the difference was she was my first baby and maybe I should have gone all out for her??? Nope. Not me. That's not my style. I'm no decorator. I have no eye for fashion or creativeness.

So as you can see in my daughter's rooms, they are boring! Boooooooorrrring! But we don't play in there so that's my excuse. I was almost embarrassed to put these pictures up after admiring your children's rooms in your blogs but
1. I have family that wanted to see the rooms
2. This is just me. Plain Jane. Gotta love me right?!Extreme home makeover for children's room anyone?!?


Carol said...

I love me a good bargain and why spend money when you could save money! I went the cheaper route with #2 too. I bought some used items, and she got a lot of big sissy hand-me-downs, especially with clothes. We might as well save the extra $ now because when they are teens, it's gonna be hard to convince them that the wal-mart jeans are just as good as 7 jeans!

Chelsea said...

I'm a new follower to your blog through Knee Deep in Mommahood! Hope to see you around my blog sometime...

Meant to be a mom said...

I think the room's look great. And you spent nothing. That is the way to go. Good for you.