June 22, 2010


Have we had a tough past week or what?!?
Let me give you the rundown... (remember this started last week)
My day off and home with the princess. SHE WAS A NIGHTMARE! I figured it was teething because I saw some more cute teeth coming in...
She still acted crazy and ran a fever in the middle of the night
I made an appointment with the Dr. to check and make sure everything was ok. The doctor had to reschedule the appt. due to an emergency, so I made an appt for the following morning. In the midst of this, I had my 34 week check-up and had high blood pressure. They were concerned about Preeclampsia, so they drew some blood, did a non-stress test on Carly, and required that I do a 24-hour urine testing. This means that I had to pee in a huge jug/container for the next 24 hours and store that nastiness in my refridgerator! There was no way I was taking that to work the next day, so I knew I would be staying home on Thursday already. (I found out yesterday that I passed everything and don't have preeclampsia and Carly is perfectly happy in mommy's belly still!)
Lidia was acting a little better that evening, so we went to a family dinner at Pizza Ranch. Yes, we went buffet style but it was fun to see all my younger cousins and see Lidia play with her new love.
But as I was getting Lidia in her carseat to go home from dinner, she vomitted everywhere! She had never thrown up before and I immediately started crying. (I know... poor me... when she is the one in pain, but it broke my heart!) She continued to dry heave on the way home, so I took her to a walk-in clinic that night. The doctor said she had a double ear infection and that was the cause for her throwing up as well. So the Dr. gave her an antibiotic and sent us on our way. My thoughts... "So the tubes were a waste?!?! Greatttt...." (But hold on, I'll get back to that in a min.)
Lidia continued to throw up the rest of Wednesday night and all day Thursday. She wouldn't keep anything down or eat much and was basically miserable.
I took her to her normal doctor. Wouldn't you know that the walk-in clinic was wrong!!! She did not have an ear infection. The antibiotic that the other doctor gave her was making her stomach more upset and she actually had strep throat! (I think she had the flu also because she passed it to everyone in our family but she didn't get tested for it.) So, since she was still throwing up, they decided to give her two shots on antibiotics. These were really harsh shots and made Princess sleep literally the rest of the day. If she wasn't sleeping, she was laying on me or laying on the couch, floor, etc. My poor baby!!!
The shot really did wonders because she woke up with a smile on her face!

She was still grumpy both Saturday and Sunday, but was ten times better than earlier in the week! The rest of the family (including my parents and siblings) also got the little flu bug from the princess. I told her she was grounded!!!!
She was wonderful!!! We were able to get some errands ran, we played a lot, and just enjoyed the day! I'm so glad to have my baby back!!!

Soooo... since I've been slacking on the blogging this week because of this sickness crap, I wanted to give a shot out to the best dads in my life since I didn't get to on Father's Day. I have two of the greatest men in my life to call my dads. My dad has always been an amazing friend and someone I can call and get good advice, etc. Since he lives ten hours away, we don't see each other much, but I still love him so much. My step-dad is amazing. He's so laid back, humble, hard-working, and would do ANYTHING for my family. I couldn't imagine my life without him and I'm so glad to call him my dad. And who could forget my Matthew? I couldn't ask for a better father to my little girls. He is the definition of a rock to our family. He provides everything for us, rushes home to be with us at anytime, puts us before anything, especially himself, and has to deal with all women! That says it all. I'm so in love with him and the father he is and couldn't ask for more in a man.
I love you Dad, Ro, and Mr. Mole!


Charlotte said...

you poor thing!!! I had preeclampsia so I know how tough that can be on your body! and that was my first! so I hope, like you, I come out of the woods on that with my second!! And we too, have been sick here and throwing in temper tantrums doubles the craziness!!! hope you all are on the mend!!!!!!

Carol said...

Poor little dear. I'm glad that she is better now. It's so hard when they are sick, it just breaks your heart. My Chlo was sick recently too...high fever, then a rash, she was miserable and cranky to boot. She's better now, and she actually smiled this morning - Praise Jesus!