June 28, 2010

One month from today...

... is Carly's due date!!! I can't believe this day is here!
We had a great relaxing weekend. We didn't do much at all! We were able to squeeze in watching the USA soccer game, watch a movie, make a trip to the mall, and went to the pool today! Like I said, laid back but very nice.... and Lidia still isn't walking but she's getting closer. Wherever she goes while she's playing, she always takes her walker! It should be any day now!

Tomorrow is my 36 week doctors appointment. I get checked for Group B Strep and checked to see if I'm dilating and making progress yet!! Fingers crossed for good news on both!!!!


Traci66 said...

I have an award for you.

Carol said...

Already? Where has the time gone? She sure will be walking soon! She's got her heels down on the floor which is the final step before they take off!