June 01, 2010


–adjective,-ner·i·er, -ner·i·est.
1. unpleasant (or ugly but I couldn't associate that word with Lidia) in disposition or temper.
2. stubborn
Related words: cantankerous and crotchety

This would have been my princess, my world, my everything, the light of my life... last night. My daughter has had her issues with sleeping since she was born, but the cause was the constant ear infections. Since getting tubes in her ears, sleep has been marvelous! Of course, she's still a baby and has her moments where she wakes up randomly in the night, or gets up earlier than mommy would like, but for the most part it's been really great! Up until this weekend....
Little Miss Lidia is cutting not one, not two, but THREE of her top teeth right now! Poor baby! So needless to say, sleep hasn't been the best but last night was horrendous! She fell asleep for about 3 hours then woke up screaming! She would not go back to bed so I put her in bed with me. She had a hard time falling back asleep and even that sleep was tainted. She would wake up every 30 minutes to either let out a cry, or a wimper, or to cuddle, or to fly across the bed, or to hit me in the head. So finally after getting no sleep, at 3am I put her in her crib again. She wasn't having it. So I gave in and made her a bottle. Well, that gave her a second wind and she was up playing toys for a few hours early this morning while all of you were dreaming peacefully I'm sure! So she finally fell asleep at 6am until about 8:30. Soooo....Yes. I'm dead. I actually vomitted a few times because I'm so tired and baby Carly probably dislikes the both of us! Anywaaaays, I'm sleeping in the basement tonight. Matt's on baby duty!

But honestly, how could you be upset with a face like that even after a night like last night? It's impossible! Especially when you find her playing with her diaper rash cream, or sitting on top of a stereo while I try and beat Matt in ping pong, or when she shows everyone what a fish in the water she is, or when she says, "Momma!" or cuddles and kisses and is the sweetest baby ever! You can't be upset! Being a mom to Lidia and Carly is the best job in the world! Ornery or not!


Meant to be a mom said...

She is such a doll baby. I'm sorry to hear she's cutting 3 teeth. YIKES!
Poor baby. I hope they feel better soon and her pearly whites are out and good and ready for some big girl foods :)

Juliana said...

LOVE this post...I really hope that you all get more sleep this week...I know that is hard! I am now following your blog!

Carol said...

I love this post title. I use that word sometimes (it's kinda a mid-western novelty) and people down here are like "WHAT?" They think it's so 1952! Motrin before bedtime, girl, it should help :)